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Thread: Supremacy 1940

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    According to my understanding of the law (granted this is someone who is based in English Common Law which is difficult to apply to the rest of Europe), in terms of the game, the law doesn't and can't apply.

    @petrie000: B/c the Nazi symbol isn't a symbol of the Wehrmacht but of the political Nazi group. It'd be historical inaccurate to have the German/Axis team be symboled with the swastika. The same reason why the America team isn't represented by the US flag in WaW but the US Army colors/symbol.
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    I don't want this game to become a WW2 sim. Hearts of Iron already does that as do about a gazillion other games. The fact that this game is set in WW1 makes it very unique.

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    Thanks for the Wiki link, but I was aware of that one. As a general point, I think that Wiki is a very poor and unreliable source of information. As a lawyer, I would say that the point is inadequately documented there. And on a forum-specific point, I would say that there is a major problem if posts are to be deleted or amended on the basis of a Wiki article.

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    There was a whole movie, in German about the white rose!

    Not only did it have Hitler and a bunch of Nazi symbols flying around everywhere the movies in German!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It had to be released in Germany... Is it really illegal for Swastikas and all dat?

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    This is not a forum topic to discuss German law. There will never be a WW2 oriented Supremacy. Fascism and Nazism have been outlawed in Germany, where the game is based. If you would like an acurate link to the German government site, I suggest making a thread in the Q&A forum. Until then, THREAD CLOSED
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