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    S1914 Tricks List

    List irregular S1914 here. I will start:

    (1) Railgun Trenchline:

    -Find a chokepoint, or, failing that, a border you can entirely cover with railgun fire.

    -Wait for the enemy to attack, disable the border province railroads

    -Position the railguns slightly farther back and put artillery in front along with infantry (close enough to shell your own captured provinces, but not close enough to be shelled by enemy railguns in their provinces)


    (2) Border Artillery

    -Place an artillery on a "road" that puts it within range of the road the enemies are crossing, but also able to attack them once they reach your city.

    -Bombard as much as required.

    (3) Political Coup

    -An ally has left the game/you want to betray an oblivious, weaker ally quickly?

    -Put about 10 troops in each province (depending on number of forts/troops in province)

    -Once all provinces are covered, declare war

    -Done correctly, you should basically gain the entire country more/less intact without damage to railroads/factories/etc.

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    I'm writing a Supremacy guide/book in pdf. Can I add these?? (giving you credit)

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    really old strategy... the 'railgun trenchline' only works if you have some long province such as Russia and North Canada. value: Close to nothing

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    If your provinces are small, you can just condense them and put the railgun 3 or so provinces behind (depending on the lines you are fighting on). If anything, that is preferable (they have to get through more land to reach your guns).

    Sure Kefka, go ahead

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    Quote Originally Posted by bodoh View Post
    really old strategy... the 'railgun trenchline' only works if you have some long province such as Russia and North Canada. value: Close to nothing
    that's right
    i think every body have a different strategy
    but what kind of strategy you will using
    in your location (that is the question)
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    victory or fighting to the end

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kefka View Post
    I'm writing a Supremacy guide/book in pdf. Can I add these?? (giving you credit)
    it's a good idea

    but you must have
    a long time of play
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    victory or fighting to the end

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    Okay, I just tried a fourth trick. It is extremely cheap, not cost effective, but VERY fun. I will split this into the "Practical" cost effective version and the "Fun" version

    (4) Spy Spam: Regional

    -Save up some money. 200k onwards should be sufficient.

    -Infiltrate your enemies with info spies (as many as you can afford, but leave lots of money in reserve).

    -When you spot them building a railgun, battleship, or even artillery/tank (in early game), spam a region with about 5 or so military spies (Adjust according to the amount of $/importance of target eg. you have 1 million dollars and the enemy is about to build a railgun in a VERY important area, feel free to put 20 military spies instead)

    -This might not work so well with artillery or tanks, but it is invaluable against enemy railguns. I have stopped loads of enemies from pumping out big fleets/loads of railguns just by figuring out where they are being built and sending suicide spies to attack. As an added bonus, the region may be devastated and you might get full view of all the enemies' troops.

    (5) Spy Spam: National

    -Save up money. This time, save LOTS of money. At least 700k.

    -You should be producing loads of money, or otherwise have spent very little and are saving it (or you have a very valuable resource in the game for whatever reason), or this will be very unsustainable

    -Now, you should have infiltrated the enemy with info spies. Ideally, you will know where the enemy's most important installations are. Now, categorize the regions in some fashion. Example:

    A1= Enemy province with railroad, factory, harbour, it IS producing a mechanized unit (Within next 24 hours)

    A2= Enemy province with railroad, factory, harbour, it IS producing a mechanized unit (but not within next 24 hours)

    A3= Enemy province with railroad, factory, harbour, it is NOT producing a mechanized unit

    A4= Enemy province of some value (Has railroad, factory, harbour, but in some combination)

    A5= Enemy province of little value

    Now place military spies in each enemy province according to number of spies/money by priority. Alternatively, just put them in random enemy regions, or put one in EVERY region.

    The ideal number of spies for this is about a hundred (easily sustainable once you are a world spanning superpower or if you rarely spend money).

    Admittedly this won't be REALLY useful, but it will be SUPER EFFECTIVE (if not super COST EFFECTIVE). A hundred spies spread out across one enemy will trash their infrastructure and give you the "see all enemy armies" bonus guaranteed. Even across four or five it should work just fine. Also, it can utterly destroy their economy and military operations (they lose so many railroads that they are suddenly at a deficit in all their resources and can't fund all their projects, their railguns are all stranded, etc) not to mention it can make them crazy paranoid and force them to make loads of counter spies. It is also hella fun (especially in an RP game, where you can watch them react to the utter collapse of their nation at the hands of a million spies).

    (6) Unit Thievery

    This trick requires good intelligence spies, good timing, and dumb opponents, but it pays off in a big way.

    -Discover where someone (an enemy or someone you want to sneak attack) is making a mechanized unit (ideally a battleship or railgun). Discover the timing, too.

    -Position your troops in the fastest way to reach that region.

    -Attack! Move as quickly as possible to the targeted region. Ideally, arrive about an hour or so ahead of the production of the unit, so as to receive it immediately.

    -Free unit! This is an incredibly useful trick, though times where you can actually use it are admittedly limited.

    -If possible, avoid bombarding the targeted province. This raises the chance of the infrastructure being damaged (good if you want to prevent that gun from being built or want to trap it once it is build, but not good if you want to capture it since you then have to rebuild it).

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    Couple of suggestions/modifications/comments.

    1. The "Railgun Trenchline" isn't bad. Bodoh mentioned a flaw in it already, but its rare where you can't get it or a variation to work. One thing I'd add to it is the stagger tactic. You can keep an enemy army in the railgun's sights longer than normal if you send a series of smaller armies in succession against the incoming enemy.

    A battle takes at least an hour to resolve regardless of the number of troops involved, so that's essentially another hour of bombardment for your railgun. I read somewhere on the boards that someone managed to keep the enemy at bay like for this the better part of a day.

    2. "Border artillery" is another one that's very dependent on province make-up.

    3. "Political coup" works every so often, though more against the AI than any human worth his salt. Unless of course you're backstabbing him, in which case if you do it right you might pull some of it off before he cops it. I'd rather doubt you could take the entire country a human controlled in this fashion though.

    4. Pretty solid tactic if you have the cash.

    5. Like 4, only at this point you're using a tonne of spies.

    6. Very cool if you pull it off, I've caught 2-3 battleships in this fashion, but really just emphasizes the importance of information spies, like points 4 and 5 have done.

    There are two decent threads discussing spies:

    Kefka, that'll be cool mate. Can't wait to see it.
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    I would be interested to read the guide once it is finished.

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