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    Game Won't Load - Solutions

    Here is a list of different errors that may occur when attempting to load a game, and possible actions to resolve them. Please read this first and attempt the suggestions.
    If your game still won't load afterwards, then please make a reply post afterwards explaining your issue.
    Make sure to post the game number(s) of the affected game(s)!
    • Game won't load / Stuck at connecting / Cannot update Java

      -] First, try to clear your Java cache
      -] Next, make sure your Java is up to date
      -] Delete your %temp% folder:
      1) WinXP: Click on "Start" -> "Run" -> enter %temp% and click ok.
      Win7: Click on "Start" and type %temp% into the search panel and hit enter.
      2) A folder opens and you have to search for 2 folder:
      - s1914
      - supgame_xxxxxx (xxxxxx is the game id of your game)
      3) Delete those folders (if you want delete all supgame folders).
      4) Close and restart the browser, open your game and it should now work.
      -] If none work, reply with java console report.
      -] (optional) In some rare cases, you might need a clean install of Java.
    • Errors 1 & 5

      Error 1: $(launcherID).kickOff is not a function
      Error 5:Object #<an object> has no method 'setAttribute

      This is a Javascript error that appears if your browser does not load the games page correctly.
      You simply need to clear your browser cache and then restart your browser to resolve.
    • Please check your firewall error

      Finding an answer. Current suggestion it to just try the suggestions for stuck at connecting. This issue tends to resolve itself after a small amount of time anyway.
    • Checksum Error

      Post in main thread.
      ClientLauncher[22:13:04:264]: got a different checksum:f704fb17ceea930ce2a665882d2774d1
      ClientLauncher[22:13:04:264]: retrieving version info at
      ClientLauncher[22:13:05:075]:checksums don't match. expected: ce863bb1412ab5cf93a4f9219c7ad0f2, actual: f704fb17ceea930ce2a665882d2774d1! try again
      If your Java console report contains the above; the problem is that the .jar files aren't completely downloaded. This has to do with the individual internet connection of the user. Only very few users are affected but we can't do anything for them. They just have to try over and over again. In the German forum, this worked for them after a while.
    • Perform a clean installation for Java

    You have to completely delete Java from your computer (through control panel-
    remove programs) and then go to Java main site and download latest version.
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    can not log onto tourny games Game ID 132579 and Game ID 133228 can log on to rest of my games
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    Hi nevill.

    Please read this thread which should contain a solution.

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    Gamestate Update Failed

    This seems to only be happening for the newest game I'm joining ( Game ID 137538), but the Applet will load and eventually tell me the "Gamestate Update Failed" and all I can do is close it, try again, and have it failed again. I've played many games before, and even the current ones I'm playing all open fine, just not this one. I've tried opening this one many times throughout the day as well. Dunno if it makes any difference with the new updates, but I'm on a Mac...thanks for any help
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    Just double checked...I also tried joining Game ID 137818...same outcome. The "Gamestate Update Failed" there some compatibility issue with Mac now?
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    Have you made sure that you have the latest version of Java?

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    Yeah, I ran the Software Update a few hours ago

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    Cannot enter tournament game ID 132826

    help me please, I can not enter one of my tournament games (ID 132826).



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    Hello mlsergey,

    could you post any error message you get (if you get one)?

    Also here is a small list which might help solving the problem:
    Deleting the %temp%
    1) You should click on start
    2) go to "run" or the search panel if you have windows 7
    3) type in %temp%
    4) press enter
    5) the correct folder should now appear
    6) delete all the supgame_xxxxx folders and also the s1914 etc.

    If that doen't help try this:

    Also check your Java Version:

    And last if none of this has helped please insert the content of you Java Console here.
    Here is a help on how to do that:



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