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    Question How to kick an inactive player?

    I'm game admin, my diplomacy says, but I need to kick Sweden to make room for a friend. Sweden has been inactive for a long time. Is it fair to kick one inactive player for a friend to join? What do you think?

    I don't know how to kick any inactive players! I tried diplomacy, but I couldn't figure out how. So can you help me?

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    Old or New UI? I think the New UI has a button in the top left corner, and the Old UI has a red tab at the bottom of the screens list.
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    In new UI click on the "Profile" button (up left), then on the "Administrator" button (up right) and then you have the list of the players and a button that will kick all inactive players.

    Then the empty slots will be taken in decreasing order of their score, meaning that the empty slot with the highest score will be taken first.

    As for kicking inactive to replace them with friends, it is not against the rule. It is not especially fair, but not illegal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poisin224 View Post
    Old or New UI? I think the New UI has a button in the top left corner, and the Old UI has a red tab at the bottom of the screens list.
    New UI. I have never tried the Old UI. I actually just found out how to get to "game admin". You go to your profile and there's a "game admin" button right there. Thanks, should have tried clicking profile before.

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    Guys, how to I only kick one player? It tells me I can kick all inactive players at once. I only want to kick Sweden.

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    as said above you have to kick all inactive players. However your friend only has a chance to get sweden if no other nations are playable

    If you have 3 intact nations left who are inactive then he will get one of the three but it is unlikely he will get any nations that is destroyed or almost destroyed IE only has one or 2 provences left

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    Mmhmm? You have to kick all the inactives now, if you kick any?
    This was not so in "my time" So it is not possible now to tell the Admin in advance "I'll be away a couple of days, so I'll go inactive, You can attack me, but please don't remove me. I'll be back." without it blocking him from kicking anyone?

    The duty of the accomplished master-game-admin is to never slacken in his efforts to keep his beloved round full of actives, without a glance to his own in-game interests!
    It is better not to kick out someone who might be coming back, but if you judge he is not, make room for newcomers as soon as possible! This is where you must use your superior judgment and exercise your grave admins responsibility with the utmost discretion.
    Don't forget to advertise your round on the forum, so that newcomers may find it!
    This is the noble art of game-administration! (mock-pathetically put, but quite sincere)

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    IIRC there was abuse in removing only powerfull players/nations and then getting a buddy to join just at the right time to ensure the game admin a buddy. With a 2 or 3 day inactive time this became common since some people do have a life

    So in their ultimate wisdom to correct an injustice they decided to make it remove all inactives so there was less chance of that buddy getting the nationyou needed him to get to change the outcome of a round

    Not sure about the results as they dont talk to me

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    Thank you every one this helped me out lots.

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