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    Experimental Spain Strategy

    With the dawn of armored car, I'm thinking of something...

    Zerg Rush (well Armored Car Rush really)

    Well, it's just that spain has loads of iron early, so I'm thinking of rush manufacturing armored cars and blitz through France (Morocco if the person is inactive or if you can find a way to land there). Oil can be bought from the market, the important thing is to attack as fast as possible, (leave no time for them to think). I think armored cars is a huge advantage early on, like instant infantries. I haven't tried this yet, but do you think this is feasible?
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    armored cars aren't really nay stronger,but if you caught the France player(or AI if your lucky) of gaurd,and took his grain provinces off the bat he would crumble.

    just watch out if Germany,Italy or Morocco are player controlled.
    you've just taken a country and lost a lot of units,you would be an easy target,no?
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    But how good are AC vs. the level one forts that will likely be up along the borders before your cars are ready? Or can you have them in less than 24 hrs from the start of the game?

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    well the cars are ready in 24 hours.
    the lv.2 workshops can be gotten in 30mins and 10 secs.
    so a 24 hr 30 min and 10 sec adding to how long it takes.
    France has abut half a day window to build forts before he gets blitzed.
    about 2 days for Morocco.

    if you happen to get it done before France builds forts,you will be square to blitz him.

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    I am not doubting that these cars will be useful since you show how quickly they can be built, but how often do you see players not building forts along borders shared with human players? Maybe I've been wasting iron, but that is usually one of my first moves, unless I have a sure alliance(team game/clan) or the nation is AI.

    Of course, GM style opponents could use these cars to horrific effect.

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    But let's say you've managed to build lvl 2 Workshop in all provinces. And you've managed to recruit Armored Cars in all of them,too. That leaves you with 12 Armored Cars at your disposal. Armored cars have 1.2 strenght,and infantry has,i believe 0.8~0.9. So that makes the Armored car with only a slight advantage over infantry.

    And at the begging,France would have a 120ish units of infantry. I don't think you will beat him,no matter how slow he will react. (Have in mind that he will have recruitment offices built by then,and maybe a fort)

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    um the invader also has an army.combined with the cars France would be blitzed easily,take you forces in half and attack the 2 france provinces on the border.take the forces in Palma,and wait for ajaccio to be empty then use the palma forces against it.

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    We'll just have to try it out a few times.

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    You're Spain as it is my friend. You have the strait of Gibraltar, thus 3 hour enemy Embark & for sake of easy math call it a 30 minute water voyage and a 4 hour 30 minute disembark on Malaga in between you and an invasion by a Moroccan. And a mere 2 points of entry with Barcelona and Burgos to defend with your massive amounts of Iron in forts from france. And unless you wish it Portugal is not your enemy.

    Your energy is already low having only 2 single coals and you will be hurting for it shortly, even with it only costing 3ish for coal and gas early game typically, that WILL add up. Jeopardizing your early funds to buy oil that happens (MAY happen) to be cheap for a few days, will almost certainly come back to bite you. Not to mention you have a good amount of grain, and your neighbor to the north has a huge amount should the need arise. Build barracks maybe after a fort spam thus morales higher so your new recruits are stronger and produced faster.

    And lastly you could fortify to easily stymy a French or Morroccan invasion and capture Portugal, including it's capitol, thus another great morale boost. But bear in mind Portugal also controls 3 African provinces so unless an African takes them out you will suffer a morale penalty for quite some time. And mobilizing to take them out yourself this early is ludicrous. Not a huge deal with all the iron you have and the capitol 10% overall cap bonus is huge early game, but just putting it out there.

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    Armoured cars = Very Fast infantry unit at 100% morale wo/the disadvantage of morale loss. And wouldn't a better use for the iron be to modernize and become more efficient instead of going in all out take-it-all-or-loose-it-all blitz warfare?

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