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    New "Slim Design", new languages

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    Over the last few weeks, we have been working on some improvements to our client design to improve the visibility of the map and to make playing the game more intuitive. We will release this new “Slim Design” soon, but before that we would like to introduce the new features, beginning with the profile. We are also happy to announce the start of two new language versions: Russian and Finnish!

    As of now, all elements, like menu items, resource bar, and the profile are located at the same place:
    The menu bar at the top of the screen. With our redesign, we are moving these elements around a little bit and give them a new look. The profile for example will be located at the top left of the screen and will receive a makeover. You can see a preview in the news picture above. By clicking on it, you will still get the same profile window you get now.
    Over the next few days, we will introduce the new design of the resource bar, the menu items, and the mini map.

    For the second item: We have released the Russian and the Finnish versions of Supremacy 1914 to the public. We are very happy about that and hope, you guys enjoy playing the game in your own language. Please remember that these both languages are still beta versions and still need some fine tuning. Right now, our Community Manager is working on creating forums for these language versions and finding Russian and Finnish moderators. So if you’re interested in becoming part of the Supremacy 1914 team, send your applications (in English) to

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    "We are very happy about that and hope, you guys enjoy playing the game in your own language"

    Hi Devs & Mods,

    it's great to have two more Nations and Languages on the Supremacy Board ;-)

    playing internationally is fun - an easier way to play with folks from all nations, would be so great!

    ys, admiral
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    If I dont like the "slim" view, could I change it to the one before ?

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    who doesnt like 'slim' the whole advertising industry tells us we must aspire to it, who are you to go against it :P

    Id guess not though. Otherwise we will have 20 different interfaces.

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    So long as everything is generally in the same position, I guess I won't really mind. Just for the love of God, don't be like Facebook and radically change everything every couple months.

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    you aint gonna like the captchas then for every new building... :P

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    I'm interested if they changed the position of GM buttons since they are right next to the buttons to open 3D view and factory menu. A lot of ppl complained about it in german forum..

    Good to see you guys continue to be very productive!

    Quote Originally Posted by FallenLeaves View Post
    If I dont like the "slim" view, could I change it to the one before ?
    I'm sure spielor will clear everything up soon
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    This will not affect the Old UI at all, correct?
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    correct - from my understanding
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    well the old UI is set no major changes will ever take place there

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