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    Ending wars with NPC or inactive players

    How do I end a war with an inactive or NPC player?

    I don't want to take all the provinces and conquer the country completely.

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    To end a war with an IA-controlled player you have to change your status into "peace" with that country. Obviously you can't send an offer, but you have to change it manually on the little scrollbar.
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    Diplomacy -> click on the NPC/inactive country -> move slider to desired diplomatic relations

    Keep in mind though that every new attack resets the slider so you may have to adjust the slider again. Also, it takes a few days before they reciprocate.

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    Also, be aware that 9 times out of 10. elite AI will not restore peaceful diplomatic relations once war has been declared.

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    unless you off them 1000 sheep..

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    wo0ot! didn't know that about Elite AI.. Haven't faced them yet..

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    noone lives to tell the tale

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    Especially in that elite is ......

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    I changed my status from war to ally with Nepal, and it took a day or two for them to change to ally aswell.

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