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    Connection Problems

    03-07-2012 12:07 PM#1
    [PP] Godi Add as Contact Community Manager

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    Connection problems!
    &nbspear community,

    yesterday we had a sudden bug which affected the front pioneer servers and one "live" server.

    This bug caused that games were not available, were completely destroyed or unplayable. On the "live" server around 100 games are affected. Unfortunately, we are not able to upload a backup and we can repair only some of the games, but not all. We will check where GM were used and we will refund them. Please do not open 1000 threads in the bug forum or question forum or write 1000 support tickets. We know the bug and it is fixed.

    Thank you and sorry for the disruptions.


    Sorry Godi, but the problems are not fixed. One of my games (Game ID 249988) was torn to shreds by this bug (loss of arti and rail, harbours, triple factories).

    I can now not get back in to the game from what I am assuming is the same problem.

    Thank you for the repatriation of the earlier mishap, but I would hate to think that this is happening all over again.

    I hope you get this fixed permanently
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    Is this the same bug that is asking me to download the java Installer ?

    I can't access ANY games now..


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    I'm also having problems loading games.. but mines on whole-account level. it opens up a new window, without giving me that loading screen thing you see when you first open up a game on an account. Then after a few seconds it tells me that it had an error. ive installed the latest Java and that didnt help any

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    Same here...Game 268529 states "unable to connect to server" after waiting 15 min.

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    Having the same problems on all my games. I just hope my enemies are having the same problems, because a couple of my games are at critical stages.

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    Both my games arent connecting. It freezes on "connecting game". Cleared cache etc and stil the same problem. Sometimes it loads and then drops connection during game displaying "unable to connect to server". Other internet activity works a treat so definitely not my internet connection

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    Has anyone tried re-loading the page? Clearing your Java cache, a great cleaner is at

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    We know the bug and it is fixed.
    Just like all the other known bugs that have been ignored for the past few years?

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    In some of my games their are messed up D.E posts such as.


    some gibberish and then it says Tallahassee and some other S USA towns.

    Italy: 1.54. Mio

    Oman: 300,000

    Bit odd...

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    I can't connect. Come on, for Pete's sake and get it sorted out, instead of posting stupid Community Manager messages on closed threads that it is all fixed when it obviously isn't.

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