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    1. What is Supremacy 1914

    In Supremacy 1914 you become the leader of a powerful nation in suspense-packed Europe after the turn of the century. You take control of one country and try to form the biggest empire in the world with all given tools of diplomacy, warfare and espionage. A complex AI allows even dramatic rounds with fewer human players. Normal rounds of Supremacy take between four to eight weeks while you play on historic maps on which your units move continuously.
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    1.1 How do I play Supremacy 1914

    As the proud leader of your people it is in your power to manage all decisions of your country. Your country is separated into several provinces and each one of them produces one of seven different resources. These resources allow you to build up the necessary infrastructure and production capacity to recruit high technology units and gain even more resources.

    You receive an overview of your current stocked resources on the upper edge of the map. As your citizens always demand a portion of your resource production for civil purposes, only the part of your production which is not used for these is added to your stock. The rest is yours to use as you like. You can adjust the drain of specific resources by your citizens if you go to the resources panel at the lower edge of the map. If at any given point you have too few or too many resources you should probably visit the stock market to sell or buy what you need.

    Every province automatically produces infantry units, as long as it has a recruiting office built. With these units you will fight your first battles. But as you are initially at peace with all the other countries, you first have to declare war in the diplomacy panel. Notice that it is not wise to attack several countries at the same time as this might give you a big disadvantage in numbers. To assist your wartime efforts you also have the possibility to spy on other countries. To do so just recruit spies in the espionage headquarters (also in the lower panel at the edge of the map) and place them in the province where they will regularly perform their actions.

    In Supremacy 1914 you can play multiple games in parallel and gain ranks whilst doing so which unlock new maps and units. To win a single game you must achieve the victory conditions of that specific game (look into the news panel called the “Daily European” to view the conditions). Normally the goal is to be the first to reach 1000 points in a game. These points are calculated by the number of provinces, their morale and the infrastructural upgrades built in them.

    In the following chapters you will get a lot of detailed information which this short summary omits. If you have additional questions you always can check the forum, the in-game chat or our support team.
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    1.2 Supremacy 1914 quick start guide

    1. Welcome to Supremacy 1914. Your goal is to conquer all of Europe!
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    2. You now are the leader of a country during WW1
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    3. Your nation consists of several provinces
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    4. Your provinces are producing different kinds of resources. You can trade resources, but you also need them to build upgrades in your provinces.
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    5. In every province you can build a number of upgrades with different functions.
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    6.Using drag-and-drop, you can move your military units around the map in order to fight against your opponents.
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