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    2. The games

    In Supremacy 1914 you can play up to 50 games at the same time. The following chapter shows you how to find or create the right game.

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    2.1 Join games / the games list

    If you want to quickly find a new game visit the website and click the “the games” tab and pick the one which suits you best. If you look for something more specific or want to play private rounds with friends you can use our tools for doing so!
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    In the upper area you find the first way to simply sort the games. Click on “public games” and you just see games which are not password protected. “Private games” will only show you the password protected ones. Additionally you can also sort the games for running games or ones which start when every country has a player. If you search for a specific game, you can simply search by entering the game number which every game possesses. This especially helps if you look for a private game.
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    The expert filter sorts the game list which is shown further down below and only shows the games which fit the search criteria. You should only use the expert filter if you already have some experience with Supremacy 1914.
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    In the game list below you can see the current games and their requirements. Read the conditions of each game carefully to only join those games which you really want to. A difference to normal games are usually the Gold rounds, these are shown with a golden border. Look into the gold features to see which additional options you gain by playing these games.

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    2.2 Create a game

    If by some means you don´t find a suitable match in the current games you always have the possibility to create your own ones in the "The games" tab.
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    The shown button allows you to create a game just like you want it to be. There are plenty of options which are explained in the chapter below.

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    2.3 The standard features

    Name your game as precisely as possible if you want to attract other players

    Number of players:
    How many players are allowed to participate? The max number also depends on the chosen scenario.

    Start Time:
    Games can either start immediately or when the number of max players have joined the game.

    Game language:
    The used language in the game. The game will nevertheless only be shown in the language version you are currently playing supremacy 1914 in.

    Feel free to describe the game a bit more in detail. This offers options for roleplaying or to insert additional rules.

    Invite new or existing players:
    Next to the number of player you´ll find a red line, click on it in order to directly invite other players or your friends via their e-mail or player name.
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    2.4 Advanced options

    This section only deals with options which you should use if you already gained some experience with Supremacy 1914.


    The Anti-Cheat system is activated as the standard option. It prevents multiple users from logging into the game from the same internet connection. Should someone try it anyway, his/her account will be suspended from the round.

    If you like, you can deactivate the Anti-Cheat system to allow for family and friends to play together. However, games with deactivated Anti-Cheat will not be ranked, meaning that no points will be awarded on your service record.

    Minimum Rank

    Here you can define the minimum rank a player must have in order to join your game. Your own rank is the highest you can enter as the minimum rank.

    Peace Period

    During the peace period, it is not possible to declare war, attack any human players, or be attacked by them. It is also impossible to enter their provinces, unless right-of-way, shared map or shared intelligence has been granted. This non-aggression pact cannot be broken. You can set a peace period for anywhere up to 14 days.

    Peace Period AI

    This peace period applies to all computer opponents. It can also be up to 14 days. The same rules as with the human player peace period apply.

    Maximum Inactivity

    This specifies the days of inactivity after which a human player is taken over by the AI. Inactive players can be replaced by the game creator/game admin. You can enter a value of 2 to 5 days. If you don't set a number of days here the standard value of 5 days will be applied automatically.

    Honor Period

    If activated, you have to adhere to an honor period before attacking another player. War has to be declared "x" hours in advance before a player can be attacked. Before a honor period is complete, it is neither possible to attack the player's armies nor to enter his/her territory. You can enter a time frame of up to 48 hours for the honor period.


    You can protect your game with a password to make sure that only your friends can play in it. Only people who know the password can enter the game

    At the moment you can choose between 10 different scenarios when you create a new game:

    "Europe 1914"

    Name:  Map1.jpg
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    This scenario can fit upto 10 players and also includes 3 scenario alliances if you wish to have this option on.

    "The Great war"

    Name:  Map2.jpg
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    This scenario fits upto 30 players. With countries ranging from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

    "Europe 1910 Historic"

    Name:  Map3.jpg
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    This is a scenario which is solely available as a gold round. Other scenarios automatically become a gold round once you choose one or more gold features. This map displays the original borders and strengths of each country before WW1.


    Name:  Map4.jpg
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    Balanced South-East Asian scenario for up to 15 players. Winning entry of the Supremacy Map Contest, created by Special-D.

    "South America 1914"

    Name:  Map5.png
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    This scenario can only be played by players which have the rank of Staff Sergeant. (1600 Points)

    "Middle East 1914"
    Name:  Map6.jpg
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    This scenario can only be played by players which have the rank of Lieutenant. (25000 Points)

    "Battle for Western Europe"
    Name:  Map7.jpg
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    This scenario can only be played by players which have the rank of Warrant Officer Class One. (9000 points)

    "Mexico and USA 1914"

    This scenario is a 1v1 map. There is two playable countries and three AI countries.

    "World In Flames"

    This scenario can fit 85 players in it. However players can't create them but there are always new ones been made.

    "Battle Of The Balkans"

    This scenario can fit 6 players in it with 2 set teams.

    More maps will be added in the future, please check the map list.

    Nation Selection

    Name:  länderwahl.png
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    In a standard game you can choose which country you would like to play. However, if you deactivate Nation Selection, countries will be randomly assigned to every player.

    Extra Units

    There is a fixed set of units available in all games. The Air Pack introduces the Fighter, the Bomber, and the Balloon as additional units. The Air & Naval Pack additionally introduces the Light Cruiser and the Submarine.

    Frontline Pioneer

    Only "Frontline Pioneers" have access to Frontline Pioneer games, which include early updates and yet unpublished features for testing purposes. Our community support from time to time looks for players who like to participate so visit the forum regularly.
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    2.5 Gold round options

    If you want an especially exciting and individual game, you can create a gold round for yourself and your friends. This allows for you to choose from a variety of additional features and extra units. The price for playing in a gold round is always 5,000 Goldmark for each player, no matter which features or how many of them you have chosen. If you have enough Goldmark you can also pay the entry fee for your friends by inviting them into the gold round. Below you can find instructions on how to create a gold round and which features and playing conditions you want to play with.

    Gold features:


    You can choose whether players are supposed to play individually or as teams.

    Choose "No Teams" if you want all players to play individually.

    Choose "Free Teams" to decide on the composition of your teams yourselves and to choose the number of teams playing in the game.

    Choose "Scenario Teams" for teams with a preset historic situation. You will then become part of one of the historic alliances, according to the country you choose:

    • The Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia, and Italy)
    • The Central Powers (German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire)

    The third team are the Neutrals (Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Norway, and Morocco). This team is played solely by AI opponents. After the teams have been chosen, their members will play together for the entire duration of the game. Betrayal among team members is not possible, because they cannot attack each other. Members of the same team always have at least right of way.

    Teams and Maps

    The map "Europe 1914" can be played in all three team modes. The maps "The Great War", “South-East Asia” & “South America” can only be played as individuals or with Free Teams. "Europe 1910 Historic" can only be played with Scenario Teams. Unlike in the standard scenario, the resource production of a province is dependent on its population. The countries on this map thus differ in size, population, and military strength. This means the initial setup between countries is highly unbalanced, but the Scenario Teams as a whole are roughly balanced.

    Victory Conditions

    Here you can decide how the gold round should end.

    In the standard mode, a game ends when the first player has reached 50% of all available points in the game, i.e. 1,000 points.

    "Domination" means, the game ends when the first player has reached 75% of all available points, i.e. 1,500 points.

    The "Supremacy" mode only ends if one player conquers the complete map. That way he/she will earn 100% of all available points, i.e. 2,000 points.


    Elite computer players are far more intelligent than the normal AI. They will handle their economy, military and diplomacy in a more diverse and aggressive manner. Victory over Elite AI will be rewarded with points for the global ranking. In normal rounds, no points are awarded for defeating normal AI opponents.

    Additional rules:

    Awarding of points
    Gold rounds allow players to gain ranking points once two players have joined. Unlike normal games which require at least 6 players to join before they becomes ranked. Beware: You can only gain points against Elite AI and human enemies. Victories over normal AI do not give any points.

    Advanced Units
    In Gold rounds these units can be added without the necessary minimum rank.
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