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    3. Governing your country

    This chapter will explain how to easily administrate your provinces, which are the spine of your empire, and what morale is and how it affects them.
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    3.1 The provinces

    The Administration of your provinces takes place on the map, on which you also have access to all important information regarding your entire empire and your single provinces. In this map view, you’re able to click on the province surface, to receive some brief information about it.

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    The information for the selected province such as the produced resources, tax revenue, morale of the province, current constructions and productions, espionage activities and rally points, are all displayed here.
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    3.2 Province Administration

    You can administrate your provinces in different ways:

    a. Map
    b. Province Administration
    c. 3D View

    a. Map

    Give command to a single province, by selecting it.

    b. Province Administration View
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    Clicking on the right "tab" seen above on your screen will open the Province Administration view, which offers an overview over all your provinces and all your province upgrades that have already been built or are under construction. You can also start building new upgrades and enable or disable some upgrades. If you select one province from the list, it will be highlighted on the map.

    c. 3D View
    The animated 3D view can be opened by clicking on the province's town. Here you have the same possibilities as in the Province Administration
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    To switch buildings on or off, e.g. Railways, barracks or recruiting offices, just click on the symbol in the province bar.

    Building orders can be given anywhere where the bricks icon is, i.e. the map view, the Province Administration view, and the 3D view.

    If you want to build the same upgrade in more than one province, you can select multiple provinces in the Province Administration by holding CTRL and clicking the designated provinces or by drawing the cursor over them. If you give a building order now, the upgrade will be built in all selected provinces.

    The animated 3D view of your province mirrors its morale level. With decreasing morale more and more buildings will start to burn and the citizens will rise up. You can also view the condition your upgrades are in.
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    3.3 Morale in provinces

    Morale in your own province

    The morale of each province will be displayed by clicking on a single province or by selecting the morale view in the options on the right bottom of the map. This will show the moral of all your provinces by colour nuances.
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    When you start a new game, you will likely see that all your provinces are coloured light green in the morale view. This will change in the course of the game, because the colour represents the morale levels of your provinces, and the morale will necessarily change during the round you're playing. Provinces with a deep green to light green colour are in good shape, yellow means that the morale levels are still okay but improvable and everything between orange and red shows an alarming state of the province's morale level.

    The morale (or contentment) of a province directly affects things like the resource production. If a province has a very low morale level, it will only produce a small part of the optimal amount possible. Another negative effect of morale drops can be revolts and uprisings. They occur, if the province morale falls below 30%.

    Angry mobs can be suppressed with a massive military presence, but if the province garrison is too weak or suffers from low morale itself, a hostile takeover is possible. Insurgents will attack the garrison troops and may even kill some of the troops. If the military presence is not sufficient to suppress the uprising, the province may join another nation. Which nation will be joined is determined by several factors. The former owner of the province, diplomatic relations and the average morale of potential new countries.

    Thus it is always important to keep an eye on the morale of your provinces in order to not suffer any of these consequences. To influence the morale levels, you need to know which factors it is affected by.

    The morale of each province is based on several parameters. All of them add to or subtract something from the target-morale. It will be recalculated every day and the effective morale will approximate the target-morale.

    • Availability of Resources Your citizens need certain goods to be efficient members of their society. Make sure to always meet the basic demands.
    • Distance to the Capital As an absolutistic leader you depend on people following your orders.
    • You can move your capital to other provinces in order to shorten the paths to your border provinces.
    • Should your country not have a capital, your empire is bound to descend into chaos. You can prevent this by building a new capital in another province.
    • Buildings Projected development, like railways, factories and harbours can increase the productivity of a province but will also improve its citizens' morale.
    • War weariness Nobody likes war - even when fought for a "just cause". Being at war with too many countries may make your citizens lose confidence.
    • Morale of neighbouring provinces A revolutionist mood can spread across province borders, including those of neighbouring countries.
    • Enemy armies If there are enemy troops on your territory it will cause a negative effect on the people's morale.

    Let’s now have a deeper look at the parameters and the correlation

    The exact calculation is here


    As your capital is significant for the moral of your whole nation, you should always have an eye on the distance to your far-out provinces and build the capital more in the centre, if necessary.
    To manage a big area as efficient as possible you have to improve your provinces with buildings that raise its morale.

    Conquest of a capital has the following consequences:

    • The conqueror receives a moral batch of 10% for all of his provinces as well as half of the counties money. You will also get their daily resource production from that province.
    • The country who lost its capital loses 20% morale in all of his provinces and the target-morale decreases by 40%.

    Provinces during war

    If you conquest a province, you’ll receive the whole daily production of this province and a part of the tax revenue. At first the moral of this province is very low (25%), as it was a battlefield and the people are against revolting the new owner.

    Now, there is the opportunity to re-conquer the lost province. If the province had more than 80% morale under the rule of the past owner, it will automatically recover up to 75% after being re-conquered, as the people living there, are happy to have their favoured Ruler back.

    But, if the moral raised more than 80% under the rule of the new Ruler, the residents will start a riot when re-conquered, as they we’re really satisfied.

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    The morale of a province is responsible for how much of the local resource will get produced. If the morale is low, the province will just produce a trickle of the possible resources.

    One single province (one resource symbol) with at least 90% moral produces 3150 tons a day, one double province (two resource symbols) with at least 90% moral produces 6300 tons a day. If the morale drops underneath 90%, the production fades continuously and is reduced to half when the morale drops to 30%, below that it keeps decreasing even further.

    Of course constructing buildings will affect the morale positively and with this, also the production of resources(see above). Railroads (33%), harbours (25%) and factories, level 1 9%, level 2 17%, level 3 25% and level 4 33%

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    If the morale in one of your provinces drops for a fathomless reason, a hostile spy might be the cause. He has two possibilities to do so: He can reduce the morale directly or sabotage the production of resources, which causes a drop of morale, if the demand cannot be met anymore.
    By using 2000 Gold marks, a instant action spy can be authorized with this mission, who’ll perform their role right away and destroy a part of the enemies resource production or rather decrease the moral 10%.

    Besides this, you can have a look at the detailed report for each province, which shows more information about the province and its morale. Just click on the “i”.

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    Morale of other countries

    The diplomacy-window provides you with an overview over the morale of all players and their countries. Inside it on the right you’ll find the column “Info”. There you’ll get all the important information about the country and the approximate morale. Sure, you can also have a look at the single provinces of this country, but you won’t find deeper information about it, except morale.

    Riots caused by low morale

    Provinces with low morale (less than 30%) or just conquered provinces (25%) will rebel against you. This will be displayed with a flame on the map, on the particular city, and within the 3D province view.
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    From Time to time, some of your troops get killed during these riots and if your garrison isn’t strong enough, you run the risk that the province revolts to the neighbouring country. If a country declared war on you the risk is very low, however the approximate morale of your neighbouring countries looms large.

    You can prevent revolting by positioning a huge amount of troops in the city. Even construct some buildings can calm the citizens. The probability of a riot can be displayed at the province details.

    Anyway, you can raise the morale by 10% in a province by starting a propaganda campaign with Goldmarks. The riot will stop, when the morale level is higher than 30%.

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    The effect won’t be shown in time (except propaganda campaign), as the morale will be re-calculated at the end of each in-game day.
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