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    4. Economics

    The economy is the basis of your country. You need it in order for your citizens to be happy, for your troops to keep moving, and for your buildings to keep working.
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    4.1 The Resources

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    In total, there are three different categories of resources that are essential for the survival of the people: Food, building materials, and energy. Every resource category consists of several kinds of resource. Resources are produced and consumed all the time.
    Every province has its focus on one of the three resource categories.
    The amount of what are earned or used will be shown in the resource bar on the top of the map.
    If resources are exhausted and the hourly income is negative, harms will grow, as you can see below for every resource category.

    Next to these three resource categories, your provinces are producing tax revenue, which won’t get exhausted by the population.

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    4.2 The Resource Categories

    In the resource window you can adjust individually which resource shall be used to meet the needs within each category.

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    Fish and grain represents food. While fish is used to allay the basic needs, grain is needed to feed the troops and keep the buildings.

    Minimum Daily Needs: 800 tons per day and province
    Consequences of Shortage: Severe drop in morale

    Minimum daily needs
    20 tons per unit and day / 1000 tons per barrack
    Consequences of shortage: Drop of unit morale / disabled barracks.

    Building Material:

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    In order to maintain and improve the infrastructure of your country as well as to produce high-tech weaponry in your factories, you need lumber and iron ore as a basis.

    Minimum Daily Needs: 800 tons per day and province
    Consequences of Shortage: Severe drop in morale


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    The production of energy has a multi-functional character related to the later game.
    Coal is very important to serve the railways.
    Oil is needed for the survival of the army.

    Minimum daily needs: 800 tons per province and day.
    Consequences of shortage: Drop of unit morale.


    Minimum daily needs: 5 Oil per military unit.
    Consequences of shortage: Lost of travel speed and fighting strength of the army


    Minimum daily needs: 500 tons per railway.
    Consequences of shortage: Railway stops working until it gets fixed.


    Resource categories reveal a minimum need per province and day.
    The need can be covered with every resource from the same category.
    Some provinces produce nearly twice the amount others do.
    These provinces are labeled with a double resource icon on the strategic map.
    The resource production is controlled by the Happiness and morale of a province.
    Moral as well as production can be improved by additional infrastructure.
    You can adjust which resource in which group should be used preferably with the roll bar. That way you can decide for example that gas has to be spend first, to safe coal (for the railway) and oil (for military upgrade) for the later game.


    If your country rises too big, it is getting inefficient to govern it. Every province loses a small amount of production (base production + optional Bonus)
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    4.3 Stock market

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    To compensate the lack of resources, for example if no oil is produced by your nation, but you need it for building a factory or some mechanical units, you can take a look at the stock market.
    The stock market is at the navigation bar on thebottom of the map. There you have the following possibilities:

    Top Offer

    You’ll find the cheapest purchase offer and the most expensive sales offer there.

    All offers

    All offers for the selected resource are included.

    My trade

    Here you can see what you bought respectively sold.

    Buying or selling resources

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    If you want to sell or buy goods, you can accept an existing offer. Therefore you have to click on a purchase or sales offer in the appropriate category (select-able by clicking on the symbols above). Then choose how much of the resource you want to buy or sell for this price.

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    Issue own sell- or purchase offers

    If you want to offer your own quotes, click on the appropriate button at the stock market seen below. Select the resource you want to sell or buy, choose a quantity and determine the price. As soon as you have published the offer, the appropriate resource or money will be subtracted from you. The offer will be displayed as "active" until somebody responds to it or you delete it at "my trade"

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    The prices varies according to the available quantity of the market and the needed quantity. A resource everyone needs at the beginning, like iron ore for fortresses, is rarely available and because of this, it is very expensive. Later, when the requirement is met, the prices will drop. Demand determines supply.
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    4.4 Buildings

    Upgrades in the provinces are an important and fundamental way to affect the moral of a province. At the same time they allow you to train specific units. The following list gives you an overview over the costs and benefits of single upgrades.

    Recruiting office

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    • Costs: £1000, 250 iron ore and 250 lumber.
    • Production time: 1 minute
    • Enables recruiting of infantry units
    • Running costs: £250 per day
    • Can be deactivated
    • This building produces infantry units automatically in the province
    • Members of high command (Premium Account) receive this building automatically
    • HP: 2
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    • Always available
    • Potential extension: To level 2
    • Costs: £1000, 500 iron ore, 500 lumber and 500 oil
    • Production time: 15 seconds for level 1, 30 Minutes for level 2
    • Enables construction of armored cars (check next chapter for more details)
    • HP per level: 2, on max level: 4
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    • Costs £4000, 1500 grain and 1500 lumber
    • Production time: 1 day per level
    • Infantry recruiting speed: +50% (Level 1) +100% (Level 2)
    • Costs level 1: £500 and 1000 grain per day
    • Costs level 2: £1000 and 2000 grain per day
    • Can be deactivated
    • HP per level: 4, on max level: 8

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    • Costs: £4000, 2000 iron ore per level
    • Potential extension: to level 5
    • Production time: 1 day for each level
    • Reduces the possible damage for armies in the city from 67% - 91%
    • Morale effect: Increase 5% to target morale per level in the appropriate province
    • Positioned troops are invisible for the adversarial eyes as long as the fortress reached level 2 at least
    • HP per level: 2, on max level: 10

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    • Available from day: 2
    • Costs: £10000, 10000 lumber

    • Production time: 3 days
    • Morale effect: increase up to 10%
    • Production effect: increase up to 25%
    • Reduces the time to embark and disembark from the appropriate province by 50%
    • HP: 6

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    • Available after: Day 5
    • Costs: £10000, 5000 lumber, 3000 iron ore, 1000 coal
    • Production time: 3 days
    • Running costs: 500 coal per day
    • Morale effect: increase up to 10%
    • Production effect: increase 33%
    • Shifting effect: increase the speed of the troops by 150% (check warfare)
    • Can be deactivated
    • HP: 6

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    • Needs a workshop level 2, to be available
    • Available after: Day 8 (higher level every second day)
    • Potential extension: Level 4
    • Costs: £10000, 2500 iron ore, 2500 lumber, 2500 oil
    • Production time: 2 days per level
    • Morale effect: increase up to 2,5% per level
    • Production effect: increase up to 8% per level
    • Enables construction of mechanical weapons (check next chapter for more details)
    • HP per level: 4, on max level: 16
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    • Costs: £2000, 5000 iron ore, 5000 lumber
    • Production time: 2 days
    • Finishing makes the appropriate province to the capital city
    • There can be only one capital per country
    • Important building
    • HP: 4

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    • Available after: Day 10
    • Costs: £5000, 2000 lumber and 2000 gas
    • Production time: 1 day
    • Enables the use of planes
    • Only available in games with extra unit packs
    • HP: 4


    • Productivity increase refers to the percentage of improvement that is added to the province's base production. Increases are not cumulative so the percentage is always applied to the base production and then added to the overall production.
    • Not all upgrade types are available from the beginning. Prerequisites are listed above
    • Each upgrade can only be built once in a province, but some upgrades are available in multiple levels.
    • In some provinces, harbours can be built at different locations. As only one harbor can be built per province, you should select a location that fits your logistic and military needs.
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