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    6. Diplomacy

    The diplomacy gives you a second powerful tool in addition to warfare in order to defeat your enemies.
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    6.1 Information on the countries

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    You will find the Diplomacy window in the main menu bar on the strategy map, to the extent that you have not selected a unit or province.


    The Diplomacy window is divided into two parts, the information and the trade and messages.

    In the information you will see a list of all countries in your game and a lot of information. You can also send the country a message or trade offer (on the far right) or look at detailed information.

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    From left to right you are able to see here:

    Country and flag
    Name of the ruler and portrait
    Number of provinces
    His diplomatic status to us
    His points in the round
    If the country is led by AI, active players or inactive players
    Your diplomatic status to him
    Write message or send trade
    Detailed information

    Activity status

    If an icon with a soldier is shown, it means that the player is human.
    If a player is inactive, a computer icon is shown as well as the soldier. The actual amount of time until a player is inactive, can be changed in the creation of the round and therefore vary from game to game. The AI takes over until the player comes back.
    If the icon shows only a computer, it means that the corresponding Nation is completely AI-controlled.

    Detailed country information

    To get detailed information about a country, the "i" button in the far right of the diplomacy window is available.

    If you press this you will get a detailed view on the country. New information is also available here:
    The population of the country
    Your popularity in this country (determines their actions against us if elite-AI is activated)
    The capital city
    The known Unit strength
    The current wars of the country
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    6.2 Trade and Messages

    In addition to the information you have in the Diplomacy window, you can select a second tab. Here you'll see, on the left (if equipped) all countries with which there is diplomatic exchange and to the right, as soon as a country has been selected, the messages and offers sent to you by other countries or received by you.
    As soon as a new message or a new offer arrives for you, your navigation bar will inform you accordingly.

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    The Direct Trade

    In contrast to the stock exchange you have the option here of trading directly with the human players as well as to take offers from the AI.
    The AI offers are very exclusive and for Goldmark offers. They send you offers for,
    • Units
    • Diplomatic offers
    • Resources

    In addition you can also trade with human players, even with those with whom you are at war with and for example give a peace offering. In order to open up a new offer you can click "New trade" button. You can select what you want to trade with including units, resources, provinces, and the diplomatic status.
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    6.3 The diplomatic status

    In total there are 6 diplomatic status between countries. By default, peace is the initial condition and can be changed at any time by both sides.

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    When all other diplomatic means fail, the result is a war between countries:

    • The army automatically opens fire on the enemy in range.
    • Trade in the stock exchange is not possible

    Cease-fire/trade embargo:

    This diplomatic status has two meanings. If there was war before it stands for cease-fire. If there is peace it stands for a trade embargo.

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    • There is a break in the fighting
    • Only opposing armies that try to enter our territory will be fired upon
    • Trade at the stock exchange is not possible


    • Only opposing armies that try to enter our territory will be fired upon
    • Trade at the stock exchange is not possible

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    The neutral state between 2 countries

    • Trade is possible
    • Armies can meet on neutral ground without fight

    Right of way:
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    If you are another country's ally and you have the same has opponents, you should grant this right.

    • The armies in territory of the other country can move without loss.
    • The entry into the territory of the other country does not trigger war.
    • The Armies can fight together against other armies.

    Shared map:
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    The shared map allows allies all military information of the donor country. This status is therefore the ultimate vote of confidence!

    • All armies are displayed
    • Ally fortresses can be used with

    Shared Intelligence:
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    This status allows the spying efforts to operate with a collaboration of countries.

    • Grants the recipient of the espionage-results access to the Spy headquarters.
    • Espionage activities are naturally excluded in terms of the receiver itself

    This status is available only to members of the high command.


    • Players that are controlled by AI do not respond to hostile actions: If you share right of way, right of way will probably also be offered to you after some time. The same is true for peace: Make sure you do not engage in hostile activities against the nation but try to encourage the Status of Peace by changing your status to peace..
    • Gold round elite AI is not an easy status change. Your reputation here also plays an important role in the nation. If you have a good reputation the A.I. will grant you right of way but if it is low it may declare war.
    • Remember that army units, tanks etc. In contrast to resources remain where they are, you are only given the command. This can be decisive, if your new troops are far from you or located between you and your enemy territory.

    You will be informed about the receipt of new messages at the bottom of the menu bar. The number of commercial offerings or messages is highlighted in red on the displayed Diplomacy-Button.
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    6.4 The daily European

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    The daily European is the first source for any type of information in relation to the current developments in your game. The daily European supplies its readers with headlines and national propaganda and gives you a powerful tool, providing you with important information about all nations in the scenario and thus provides a good opportunity to keep in mind other countries and their current developments, including the enemies.

    How does the daily European work

    Alongside the "Daily European", you will find the current date of the edition that you can hold in your hands and, secondly, the possibility to view the editions of the last few days to keep you updated. To do this you can either use the ' >' or ' < ' -buttons (one day forward or back) or you simply submit the number of the day you want in the text box between the two buttons.

    The "write article" button gives you the possibility to write articles, which will then appear directly in the daily European. This can be a strong diplomatic tool, articles published from there can be read by all European rulers. But this is precisely why you must be cautious: Published articles can have serious consequences so you should choose your words with care and thus not allow other nations to feel personally attacked or exposed.

    Should you find yourself in the possession of top-secret information, where ownership can be dangerous for you, but you're still of the opinion that the public must be informed about it, you can hide your identity, by sending the message as "anonymous". The consequence of this is that the article will be published without regard to its origin.

    Index of power

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    The list on the left shows the positioning of the European leader in points. The points add up according to the provinces' extensions and morale values.
    The daily European Index of power is updated once a day at day change. Whoever is the first to obtain the required number of points that fit into the winning criteria is seen as the sole ruler and wins the round. (Note: The number of required points can be changed by selecting various victory conditions when the game is created.)

    The sum of 2000 relative victory points is permanently divided amongst all players. If a player becomes proportionately greater, he will get a larger share of the available basis points currently in the game. As the victory points in the daily European are calculated relatively, at the same time the number of winning points for the other players falls. (Basis points are not visible in the game and are displayed in the background of the calculation of the relative victory points).

    A formula how points are calculated can be found here:

    The Miniature Map

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    This section shows you in the middle of the picture, the current European map, which is updated once a day. If you subsequently view older issues of the daily European, the map of that selected day will be shown. That way, you can get an impression of the current developments, for example, the spread of nations.

    Your own article pictures

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    You can add yourown images in the self-written articles in the newspaper of the game, so you can better illustrate the article. Especially in role-playing rounds this provides the possibility for a high degree of variety and authenticity.
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    6.5 Coalitions

    Coalitions are a special form of diplomatic relation. A coalition is a good opportunity to interact and communicate with allies. It grants you many advantages like an own chat or a ranking of all coalitions on this map. As a team you can display your flag and become the most powerful coalition.

    The coalition button is located in the bottom menu displayed as a laural wreath.

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    In the coalition window you can find all existing coalitions in this game.

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    To create an own coalition, click on the button on the top left. Then you can enter a name and a description and upload a flag. Please use a rather small image size for that.
    Unfortunately it is not yet possible to invite other players. They have to apply for it themselves. To apply for a coalition, click on the info button (i) on the right side and hit the Apply button afterwards.

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    The coalition leader will then decide about the applications.

    To leave a coalition, just click on the ‘My coalitions’ tab and hit the Leave button.

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