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Thread: 7. Espionage

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    7. Espionage

    This area gets you familiar with the tasks of the secret service. If you can be certain of one thing, it is that you cannot willingly entrust neither friend nor enemy with all the details of your possessions and government. And it is precisely at this point that the secret service comes to use: it gives you the possibility from time to time to tap into unofficial sources and therefor to access knowledge, which is not intended for the general public.
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    7.1 The Spy Headquarters

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    The Spy headquarters can be selected in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen when you click onto the espionage icon button. The ability to recruit a spy costs £20000. Have you already recruited one or more spies that work for you, then it is up to you to assign one of the following missions:

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    Economic sabotage
    Military sabotage

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    Therefor you are looking for a hostile Province on the map and/or in general someone who you would like to receive information from and highlight this. Now you have the possibility in the Espionage window to assign one or more of your already recruited spies to the selected province. To do so, select the arrow of the desired number of spies and click for an Espionage mission.

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    Spies provide daily information about the selected province, or the country as a whole. Spy reports are updated at the end of the day. You can see this on the left-hand side in the Espionage window. With the arrow buttons on the upper right-hand edge you can also track older structures over the past few days and track development
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    7.2 The spy missions

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    The spies collect information on the diplomatic and economic activities of the opponent. Information includes:

    • To provide information on the positions and missions of enemy spies
    • In and outbound communication
    • Information about armies in the target province
    • Resource production information and trade
    • Manufacturing

    Intelligence costs £2000 per spy and day.

    Industry Sabotage
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    Spies with the sabotage mission try to damage the opponent's production and morale in the target province. These missions include:

    • The destruction of resources
    • Theft of tax revenue
    • Decrease of morality
    • Deactivation of the Recruiting building to increase demand for resources

    Industrial espionage costs £4000 per spy and day.

    Military Sabotage
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    Military saboteurs try to disturb the strategic plans and the infrastructure of the enemy.

    Missions include:

    • The uncovering of all enemy armies
    • The damage of the buildings
    • The prolonging of the production
    • Deactivated recruitment buildings

    Military Sabotage costs £4000 per spy and day.

    Counter Intelligence
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    Defense spies defend against counter intelligence and unmask enemy spies.

    Counter Intelligence costs £1000 per day.


    • Spies are always exposed to the danger of being caught in their missions if they are stationed in foreign territory. Because spies on a Sabotage mission must penetrate much deeper into the economic and/or military affairs of the the opponent, the spies who are specialized in pure information retrieval or intelligence, stand a much higher chance of being caught. The chance increases significantly when it in the corresponding province of one or even several enemy spies. This is used by spies placed on their own territory.
    • Also spies, which are currently not in use cost you £500 per day. Therefore, it is often useful to dismiss no longer needed spies from your service. You can do this with the "discharge" button in the Espionage window.
    • The daily espionage costs are charged at daychange.
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    7.3 Master Spies

    In the Spy Headquarters, in addition to the usual spy options you'll find the possibility to engage with a Master spy. For these options you do not have to recruit spies and the spy reports will immediately be displayed. The waiting time for nightly espionage report is not required.

    The three options are:

    1. Intelligence Mission

    For GoldMark(GM) you can seek information on your opponent.
    Reveal armies uncovers the armies of the player in the vicinity of the selected province and the country information spy uncovers the resources, diplomatic relations, news, spies and production of the selected country.

    • 2. Industry Sabotage

    For GM you do industry sabotage by either decrease the morale of an enemy province by 10% or destroy parts of the resource production of the current day in a hostile province.

    • 3. Military Sabotage

    You can damage a building in an enemy province for GM (the exception is the capital building) or you can uncover all your opponent's units.
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