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    8. Goldmark & Premium

    8.1 What are Goldmarks

    The Goldmark is the premium currency in Supremacy 1914. With it you can use special features in the game, which are not available without the use of Goldmark. In Supremacy 1914 you can also play very successfully without Goldmarks, but a targeted Goldmark operation may also be the deciding factor for a victory.
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    8.2 Goldmark Functions

    Propaganda Campaign
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    If you select a city, where the morale is less than 100%, you have the opportunity to start a propaganda and increases the morale by 10% for GM. You can also find the same function in the Province view.

    Premium resources
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    Commodities may sometimes be tight. No affordable offers on the market or available offers are shown greyed, because you are at war with a nation or where a trade-embargo is located. Here the Premium resources come into play. They allow you to purchase resources (always 5,000 at a time).

    Army reinforcement
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    If your troops return from the war or have been marching for an extended period on foreign soil or are weakened by a forced march, you have the opportunity to increase their morale, by sending them reinforcements. The costs are based on the total strength of the army. The morale increases by 10% and costs some GM. The increase in mechanical units is therefore more expensive than infantry units, as they have a greater attacking power.

    The morale increase can be found in the Army Info window next to the Morale notices . If you move your mouse over the button, the calculated costs for this special army will be shown

    The actual strength will not be calculated here (in which the current status/ the current morale feeds), but the theoretical strength, an army that has 100% condition/morality.

    Build acceleration
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    If you build a building, you can reduce the construction period of the building by 12 hours. This is possible in the province in question, with the Acceleration Button in the Province Info window or if you click on the 3D building in Province View.

    You can use this function while launching the construction of buildings, but each building has a determined time after which it will be available in the game. It is therefore not possible, in the early days of a round to build a factory or an airfield. You have to wait until the specified day in the game is reached.

    Reducing Production time
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    If you own a factory in one of your cities, you can reduce the production time for a unit by 12 hours by using GM. You can also find this function in the Province Administration View.

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    In the Spy headquarters you'll find in addition to the usual Spy options also the possibility to engage a Master spy. For these options you do not have to recruit and the spy reports will immediately be displayed. The waiting time for working alone every night or together on the Spy report is not applicable.

    The three options are:

    • 1. Intelligence Mission

    For GM you can seek information on your opponent.
    Armies uncover cover the armies of the player in the vicinity of the selected province and the immediate country information covers the resources, diplomatic relations, news, spies and production of the selected country.

    • 2. Industry Sabotage

    For GM you can either decrease the morality of an enemy province by 10% or destroy parts of the resource production of the current day in a hostile province.

    • 3. Military Sabotage

    You can damage a building in an enemy province for GM (the exception is the headquarters) or you can uncover all your opponent's units.

    Gold Rounds
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    For 5000 GM you can open a Gold round or join an already existing Gold round. These additional features and units are available to you. Here you can find a more detailed description.

    Additional Spins
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    In the "Support Our Troops" raffle you always have the possibility to buy additional spins for more possibilities to rotate the wheel. Try it out!

    Commercial offerings
    From time to time AI countries may send offers to you. These are very exclusive and they always want GM in return for:

    • Units
    • Diplomatic offers
    • Resources
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    8.3 Where do I get Goldmarks

    There are several ways to get gold marks:

    • In our shop you'll find different offers, you can use all major payment methods
    • Under "earn Goldmark" you also have the possibility to earn Goldmarks by using one of the listed Partners in surveys etc. to participate with.
    • You can click, "Vote for us" on the home page, where you get 10 GM for each time you vote.
    • All players who are still active at the end of a round will receive Goldmarks at the level of the DE points achieved in this round. This only applies to games which are ranked and not 1vs1 games. For best players of a game round an additional bonus in Goldmarks is also awarded.

    You'll find the current account balance of your war chest in the info bar at the top of the Supremacy 1914 home page:
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    In the game to the far right of the resources display, you will also find the account balance
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    8.4 Member of High Command (premium)

    You can become a "Member of the high command" by acquiring the Premium account in our Shop. Simply left click on the tab "purchases Premium" and you have the choice between three different maturities. You can also win the membership from the raffle.

    As a member of the high command you can use certain functions, which are not available to other players, and in particular those who help other players that are not online around the clock. To do this you will receive among other things better possibilities of co-operation with other players and more control over your units and production.
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    You recognize members of the command in the game and on the website with this symbol:

    Premium account advantages:

    • Free Gold rounds
    • Premium fan medals
    • Premium account features
    • General Mobilization (automatic defence office)
    • Points (rally points)
    • Build queue
    • Advanced fire control
    • Shared intelligence (joint spying)
    • Upload images in the newspaper
    • Create 5 own games per month

    Free Gold rounds
    As a member of the command you can join the Gold rounds without paying the joining fee of 5,000 GM. Functions of the Gold rounds offering, can be found here.

    Premium Fan Medal
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    Each member of 12 months or more will receive a specially created Medal that will be displayed in the awards.

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    General mobilization means that the entire nation in the Mobilising-Mode is activated. In practical terms, that means that already at the beginning of the game in each province a military defence is built. Even if provinces have been conquered in the game, they will directly receive a military defence. Therefore, you do not need to recruit infantry units and can immediately proceed to the more important infrastructure construction.

    Rally Points
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    If the unites are trained or produced in factories, they normally wait in the province in question for commands. Points allow each province to assign a destination, where the units immediately after the end of their training or completion are sent

    A march target can be given to each province. You can also collect many troops at one point and form larger armies or send the units directly and without delay to the front. In the small Province info-window points can be activated/used by clicking on the flag and then on the desired point on the map.

    Build Queue
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    The build queue allows the players to plan their work in advance and to optimize the consumption of resources. It is a powerful tool to plan for the production of buildings and units in the provinces. Instead of immediately granting a public works contract, you can add the global build queue. This will appear in the provincial government (can be found on the right-hand side of the screen as a rider) a button with the inscription build queue.
    The build queue also provides information as to when a certain job probably can begin and when it will probably be completed. Taking into account also the current resource production of the country.

    The price of a contract will not be paid until the construction begins, so you can plan ahead of time. The list also tells you whether certain resources are missing and whether they can be generated with the current resource settings. So, you have the possibility to buy resources in advance, in order to ensure a smooth implementation of your build, even when you're not online. Settings in the stock exchange or in the resource window are immediately included in the build queue.

    Advanced Fire control

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    Units normally take decisions of their own on whether or not you attack enemies with a range in Supremacy 1914. The Advanced fire control that is located in the army window is located is operated with a simple mouse click and offers 4 different settings with which you have full control over your units and their behavior:

    Hold Fire:

    Prevents the automatic fire, so that only explicitly granted attacking orders are running.

    Return Fire:
    Only when hostile units are attacking you.

    Fire at will:
    The default setting. Enemies are automatically attacked, provided that the army has no other commands.

    All enemies in range are under attack. Even marching orders are interrupted.

    The aggressive setting, for example, is a good option if you move a ranging unit. While you are in unknown territory, it may occur that you are in range of an enemy unit device. The aggressive mode opens up fire rather than continue as a battleship. The defensive attitude, however, may be useful if you want to keep complete control over each of your units' attacks: they fire only if you give them the command to do so. For submarines this mode means that you can hide and let enemies pass by, in order to lure them into a trap.

    Shared Intelligence
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    In the chapter on diplomacy you have already been presented with diplomatic status. Members of the command will receive a sixth status in addition, this new dimension of co-operation allows you to: Agree on a common allied spy player, he will now receive in addition to the known information of the Common Map all reports that you collect. These will either be with the other reports in the Spy headquarters or with the reconnaissance missions on the map displayed on the screen. Players are in this case of course excluded. In addition to the normal reports by the master spy and your spies, this also concerns results of reconnaissance aircraft.

    Upload images in the newspaper

    As Member of the High Command you can spice up your newspaper articles by attaching images.

    Create 5 games per month

    Normal players can only create 1 own game per month, but as Member of the High Command you can create 5 own games per month!
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