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    9. Miscellaneous

    Here you find information about general issues of interest on Supremacy 1914
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    9.1 The tombola

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    Support our troops!

    The troop aid raffle is a feature in Supremacy 1914, enabling you to win special prizes. Each player gets given a free spin per day by us. This can then be used immediately for the raffle. Further attempts to win the jackpot can be purchased with Goldmarks. Please note that the free spin refers to all rounds and can only be used once per day. The real profit is paid out in the round where you have rotated the wheel. You can only use it in one game each day.

    Spins the wheel and with a little bit of luck the jackpot belongs to you. In any case you will not be empty, because there is still much more to win other that with the jackpot.

    Valuable prizes are waiting for you in the Jackpot. In addition, you can win GM, High Command (HC), resources and blueprints that you can use in the various rounds of Supremacy 1914 to produce "heavy tanks" which due to their higher impact and armour are different to normal tanks.

    All players start off first with a Jackpot level 1. However, can be increased further by means of regular participation in the raffle. You'll only need to try your luck on a daily basis. After every third attempt the Jackpot level increases and continues to grow with you.

    The blueprints - building plans for special weapons
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    Only in the context of the raffle can you win blueprints. With the help of these plans your designers can design "heavy tanks".
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    9.2 How to create maps

    - Edit: Currently we do not take any new map submissions! -

    We often receive maps created by players or teams of players. Some of them are of extremely high quality and could be used in the game but are missing some features which makes it too hard for us to import them. Here we want to give you a guide at hand that tells you, how to create a map so it has the chance to be introduced in Supremacy 1914. We are encouraging you to continue to design maps and to send them to us!


    1. The map must be somehow unique
    2. Create a BMP with the countries and provinces
    3. Balance the map
    4. Create a Google Sheet listing all provinces
    5. Provide images for the country leaders
    6. Send us your map

    1. Uniqueness

    When you design a map, it should have some unique factor to it, so players are interested in playing it. This could be a special battle of WW1 or a certain theatre that has not yet been covered by previous maps. You don´t have to create a historic correct map, but we recommend it as it is always more appealing. If you create non historic maps with non historic nations we advise to use at least historic province names.

    2. Creating the BMP

    • Draw the map in the .BMP image format
    • The image may not be compressed
    • Draw all provinces and country borders with the same, black, 2px width line border
      • the borders may NOT be anti alliased. There may not be blurred pixels in the borders
      • The borders must be really black with RGB (0,0,0). In other words: no grey.
      • Avoid border points at which four or more provinces touch

    • Draw all provinces of one country in a distinguishable and unique color. Use the exact same color in all province.s.
    • Capital marker that show the position of the capital can be drawn in the picture, but must also be black and at least 5px away from any province border
    • Make sure the image has a high enough resolution
      • most provinces should be around 50px-150px in width and height.
      • The whole image usually has dimensions of 2000x2000 pixles or larger (depending vastly on the map that is created, though)

    Example of a good map, but with one too close capital marker at the province border (encircled red):

    3. Balance the map

    One of the essential parts next to the uniqueness of a map is the balancing. We separate two different kinds of balancing a map.

    1. geographical balancing

    With geographical balancing we mean the number of provinces in a country and the number of border provinces in comparison to its neighbours. When you start drawing your map make sure that no country suffers a severe disadvantage due to its own province structure or the neighbours ones.

    Number of provinces:

    All playable countries should have the same amount of provinces, as every province automatically produces infantry (after you build the recruiting office) units more provinces would result in advantages for countries who possess more.

    Border provinces

    With this we mean the start borders between two countries. A country should preferably have the same amount of bordering provinces as the other country on the other site. This can vary a bit but should not be stretched too far. E.g. If germany has 3 provinces along the french border and France only one, Germany has a clear disadvantage as it can be attacked in three different provinces while France can concentrate troops in one.

    2. Income Balancing

    The income balancing refers to the resources distributed to the provinces of a country. Countries can lack specific resources if you want to create different start environments or create a historic distribution. But you should not create countries which havefew resource income in two of the three major categories in comparison to the third. As well every country should have at least 1-2 provinces each producing grain and iron.

    You can mark single provinces as “double provinces”, these then grant the double amount of income of this resource. As every country has the same amount of provinces also the number of double provinces should be the same. If you plan to do a map with more provinces to each country than in normal Supremacy 1914 maps we recommend to set 1 double per 4-5 normal producing provinces. NPC countries should have no double provinces at all.

    4. Creating the province list

    Go to, log in with your google account and create a spread sheet with the following columns and the following format:

    Country capital coords name of capital ressource double prov AI? head of country title of head nation adjective country capital
    Madrid coal
    Alfonso XIII Rey Spanish

    Barcelona lumber


    Malaga lumber


    Badajoz gas


    Santiago oil


    Melilla ironore


    Bilbao coal


    Ceuta grain

    Paris fish
    Raimond Moncare President French

    Nancy grain


    • Country
      • The provinces of one country need to be listed beneath each other.
      • The name must be the english one and should reuse existing material of other maps if possible

    • Capital Coords:
      • these are the xy coordinates of the province capital location in the image.

    • Name of capital
      • The name must be the english one and should reuse existing material of other maps if possible. E.g. Vienna instead of Wien

    • Resource
      • The resource produced in this province

    • Double prov:
      • A 1 marks this province as a double province

    • AI?:
      • A 1 here marks the country as NPC controlled country that can not be played by a human

    • Head of country:
      • Insert the name of the leader of this country
      • This leader should be a relevant person of that country of that time in history. It would be even better, if this leader was the real leader of the country back then.

    • title of head:
      • The title of the leader, preferably in english, but also names in the language of the country are welcome

    • ​Country Capital
      • ​A 1 marks the countries capital (e.g. Paris for France)

    • The RGB color code of the sea you used should be put in the first line of the sheet after you finished the other work

    In order that we can check your work you have to handle over rights to write into the document to everybody who has the link. Send us the link so we can work on the document.

    5. Find images for leaders and countries

    If the head of a country is one that we don’t have yet in another map, you need to provide the copy-right free avatar image of this leader together with a nations flag

    An image is copy-right free, if for example the creator of the image has died more than 70 years ago. For most of the WW1 images, this should be the case. Nevertheless, we will check the images you send us again, just to be sure.

    Dimensions and formats:

    • Flags should be send to as jpg in 64x40px
    • Portraits as jpg 121x180px

    6. Sending the map to us

    ZIP your map files and send them with the link to the spreadsheet to “”.
    If we receive a well designed map, we will get in touch with you.
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