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    Revamp Update #2: Units and Buildings

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    Dear generals,

    while we are busy working on the new rendering engine for S1914 as well as the restyled user interface we would like to share some sneak peeks at how units and buildings will look like after the revamp.

    In our latest revamp update we reflected on how the UI has changed over the years - but the map and units have remained unchanged for a very long time. While the stylized and simplistic design has become something like a trademark for Supremacy 1914, we still feel that it does not tap the full potential of HTML5 games today. With the upcoming revamp we will reintroduce the World War I theme to the in-game view on an unprecedented scale.

    The current S1914 map is deliberately low on details and units are reduced to 2D sprites of only 20-30 pixels width. While this design choice for sure had its merits - it gives a good overview about the map and invokes a ‘board game-like’ feeling - we think that it is time to breathe some life into the in-game assets. The revamped map view will feature richly-detailed unit sprites which will scale nicely with the different zoom levels made possible through WebGL. Unit and building tooltips will include beautiful renders of 3D models of your favorite tanks, aircraft or military facilities.

    By bringing this level of detail to the map itself we hope to make gameplay itself more engaging and immersive. At the same time we want to improve the handling and administration of buildings in your own provinces: We will remove the province view and make buildings directly accessible in the province bar on the bottom of the screen - as well as in the expandable province administration on the right, of course. This will also fix the problem of accidentally opening the province view when trying to select an army in the province center.

    We will continue to share further updates on the work in progress and are looking forward to your feedback on the forum.

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    I liked it better before but I'll get used to it I guess. Maybe too Sci-fi-ish ?
    But I cannot say it's not beautiful work tho.

    My dream is that this interface will be more mobile-responsive !
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    I must say twill be nice to see the units in a new light compared to what they are now, then again I remember a time when they were much more simpler (the old dot, box and whatnot from many moons ago) I like the province pup up and build window look it looks way more tidy than the current, I do hope that the diplomacy window has less filter clutter in the new model

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    no dont loose the city view, i think it ads much life to the game. I've enjoyed watching the factory spew forth smoke while making weapons, and watching people walk around and a vehicle or 2 go by, and then watching the train move through town with the crossing guards raising and lowering, the cranes in the seaport.., overall the city view ads life to these provinces, with this new model they become so much more like spread sheets... if anything we shoudl add to the city view, i recall the day when producing a battlship you could see it anchoered in the seaport, or when building weapons like arty or ac's you would see a fleet of them parked outside the factory, that was so cool..... i love the city view, it would eb sad to see it go

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    can't wait. looks beautiful

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    why remove the province view? I like seeing the city and people walking around. Sometimes i think the devs make bad decisions

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    well it depends from user to user I believe, it's a lot of design work while a lot of users don't use it however I will forward your feedback to the the discussion. It's I believe mainly a discussion between 'cost' and 'revenue', with which I don't mean money right now. All the time the devs put in designing that can't go into designing other stuff. And as many users don't use it anymore it might not be worth spending time on. Maybe a poll could clear this out but I'll first discuss it with the right instances.

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    I like the province view and don’t really want to see it go. It’s the main UI I use to manage individual province construction and gives me a very quick visual idea of the state of my provinces - aside from construction levels, it gives me an idea of morale or damage. The current graphical assets for province view are also very nice and fit with the game perfectly. It to me makes each province feel like an actual city rather than just a territory to be upgraded over time (which is how I felt when playing call of war, for example). It’s satisfying to open a province view and see a fully upgraded province.
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