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    First time players strategy guide v 2.0

    Here is a player created guide to new players, I hope it helps.

    (NOTE: THIS IS VERSION 2.0 --- Rewritten for the new realities of the game on Dec. 1, 2015)

    4.-----------Province Upgrades
    4a. -------- The Upgrade Not To Be Without!

    1. Supremacy1914 is a grand strategy game, as such it is not a micromanaged tactical war game. This is actually a very important distinction. You will not be setting taxes, building highly detailed infrastructures, or determining who is a worker and who is a soldier. You will however be using generalized structures and strategic planning to your benefit or detriment.

    2. Of the several facets of game play, the most valuable to all players is morale. Every player can benefit from becoming intimately acquainted with what morale is and how it works. Without morale you won't get very far, you will however discover the limitations of a military without an infrastructure, it won't be pleasant.

    So, what is morale, beyond the simple technical measurement? It is the measure of how well you provide your citizens and military with what they want. Quite simply if you don't feed, house, or otherwise take care of your people they won't like you, as their leader, very much. If the people do not like you, the army (comprised of your people) will soon follow. Look in the 'Manuel' to find out what they will want, and how much of it. Read on for how to prevent problems with it.

    3. Another important factor in Supremacy is trade. Most new players have the mistaken idea that since you have such a great military to start with your set to relieve your supply problems (see all the red numbers in your status box in the game?) by conquest alone. Nothing can be further from the truth, in fact there is more then one problem with this idea. Conquest, especially without forethought, will only dig you deeper in the hole of bad morale and lack of supplies.

    The fact is there is only one answer to your supply problems that doesn't risk your countries morale, that answer is trade. Trade is easy to accomplish, costs you nothing in morale, and can make you friends that can help in other situations later on. It's simply a win-win proposition. You have surplus' (see the green commodities) and so does everyone else. You have deficits and, likewise, so does everyone else. The favorable thing about it is every one has different surpluses and deficits, you simply need to do your homework and figure out who has what you want, and who wants what you got.

    How hard is it to figure those things out? Let's take one example; France produces one thing very well - Grain, but needs quite a bit in coal, wood, and iron. How do we know what to do with our grain, but still get what we need. Let's take a look at the 'strategic map', we see that Sweden and Austria have all kinds of wood. We can see that Germany and Greece are star producers of coal, and England and Austria have abundant iron resources. (These examples may be a bit outdated, but the value of the examples still stands) That's all you need to start approaching other players with trade offers, an idea of who can benefit while also benefiting you.

    This isn't to say the stock market is without value, but, that value is quite limited. For one thing, the stock market doesn't set up friendly relation with future allies - the trades are anonymous. Secondly, all the market will trade is money for resource (or GM if you prefer) - trading with other nations directly is resource for resource (usually) - preserving your money for those upgrades you just received resources for.

    Remember how I pointed out this could benefit you in other ways? Keep reading and you will see how.

    4. Another factor of the game that directly effects morale, and therefore your overall probabilities of success, is provincial improvements. It is a serious matter to be sure, because it does so greatly effect your morale and your production numbers. You should consider that not every improvement is going to benefit every province in every country the same. No, there is a strategy to building them that you must relearn for every different country you play.

    Here's a good rule of thumb that may help. If your low in a resource (red) that your country produces, provinces that have that resource really need some improvement. On the other hand if an improvement requires a resource you don't have or won't have enough of it won't be much of an improvement to build it.

    Clearly this is another area of strategic decision, not just a matter of expedience. What good will a railroad do you if you have no coal to run it? Or a factory if you have no oil/iron/wood to use it. Again a good cause for trade in the long run.

    4a. So, what upgrade can you absolutely not live without. Simple, there is one that you should never avoid building, the Recruitment Center. This will provide you with new troops at regular intervals. With this you should consider building a Barracks to make those troops recruit faster. But here, like so much in this game you must balance your use of these improvements - not only will your troops require grain, but the structures themselves have this same requirement. The nice thing about these building... they can be turned off so that your use of grain will decrease.

    Hint: Having a recruitment center that is turned off is far better then having no Recruitment Center and having to build it during an invasion in which you may no longer have the resources, the same goes for Barracks.

    5. Another, obvious, system in the game is the military. This game is somewhat unique in that you start out not so bad off in this area. You certainly have enough forces straight out of the box to start some real trouble. Unlike most games of this nature, you do far less to micromanage recruitment, force structure, etc. Most of these things are actually handled for you, or completely irrelevant primarily because this (as stated in point 1) is not a tactical simulation but a strategic one.

    As I pointed out, you have the forces to get a military campaign going from the start and here is where most first time players find the temptation just to...well tempting. Of course due to the strategic nature of the game, there are a lot of factors that can be easily missed, especially if you come from a strict background of tactical micromanagement.

    One factor that is easily missed is scale. Many first time players are tempted to poke at there neighbors. That means of course sending out that one single lonely unit to all the surrounding provinces to see who jumps. The problem with this strategy is that you are asking everyone to immediately dispose of your further involvement in the game. They are all just as militarily capable as you, and willing to cooperate enough to get the job done.

    Another factor often missed is the idea that not everyone is focused on all possible fronts. Meaning, the first time player might assume that just because everyone has a border with someone else that they must automatically be able to defend them all. This kind of thinking can easily lead to the idea that a neighbor must have evenly distributed there forces. and that no one will be prepared for the blitzkrieg style assault you plan on them. Nothing, usually, can be further from the truth...not only are they prepared when they see an unfamiliar face in the game, usually everyone else is prepared to cooperate and take advantage of the fact that all your forces are in someone else's country, not in your own.

    Another, often, mistaken concept in the game is that number of provinces equates with success in the game. The number of games that actually promotes this premise is almost incalculable. But, again this is totally erroneous in Supremacy. Not only does the number of provinces you have not make an exceptional difference, having the wrong provinces will actually accelerate any problems with morale or supply you might have. Let's take an example, we will use Greece this time. Greece has an abundance of oil, but they decide an attack on Sfax (in Morocco) could boost there score (on the premise that number of provinces is paramount). The attack succeeds and oil production is now through the roof. One problem, Greece also doesn't produce much grain, so now you have exacerbated your food shortage and lowered your morale even further. Good trade relations could help here, but what if you have torn your diplomatic moorings completely asunder (more on diplomacy later).

    Not to mention that there is a price that is paid whenever you make a conquest. the morale of a province will automatically drop to 25% as a result. If you are already low in morale or the province was, you aren't doing yourself a favor by diving head long into it's subjugation. Here too a bit of forethought on your part can prevent a very short, disappointing game.

    Here is the best advice you could get if you want to succeed in Supremacy; Keep the soldiers at home until you know what, where and how. Acting without a plan and without knowing what you could be facing is the quickest way to find yourself out of the game.

    6. The number one overlooked element of the game is diplomacy...that's right DIPLOMACY. To be sure civilian morale, trade, and military prowess are important. You couldn't play without them in fact. But the overarching, number one, facet in Supremacy1914 is in fact, diplomacy. Without it you have nothing to rely on but luck that the other players don't know it's importance either. But, the odds are you will be playing with experienced players who actually are well aware of it's power.

    If you are Germany and just happen to have never traded with anyone, or wrote a single word in the paper or to another player, you might expect that at least two of your neighbors are eyeballing all that precious coal your hoarding. AND they have been talking quietly among themselves about it. Never fear, it's almost a certainty they make good there ideas of conquest. There is one simple reason why, they have nothing to fear from an ally you don't have.

    In short, tools are in place for you to communicate with your fellow players and there are many ways to acquire friendly relations. (Trade, mutual self-interest, etc.) It takes no effort to put your mind into the game and write an article to the paper, or type out a friendly message to a neighbor. Truthfully, it makes the game just that much better if you play the role of diplomat as well as general. Here's where setting up trade agreements really does you a service. Here is also where that private or public show of support can benefit you.

    It would be very hard for a single country to run the gambit of Europe alone and not be destroyed in the effort. It would be even worse for a player to saddle themselves with another who thinks they can. Here a bit of forethought and observation should be all that is needed to determine who can benefit you most.

    That being said, there are a few pitfalls to avoid when approaching diplomacy for the first time, and I will list them below;

    The player who offers to share map with you on day one, without a word to you otherwise. This player is not offering an alliance, in all probability, they want cheap intelligence (that is without paying for the spies). 8 times out of 10, your acceptance of the offer is proof positive, to the player offering, that you want to be back stabbed.

    The second, official, diplomatic offer is not much better for you when offered for no stated reason - that is Right of Way. It may be that you are dealing with someone who has no idea how or why they should talk to you first, but... there is the chance that you are their highway to the country just on the other side! Guess who stands in their way for the counter attack?!

    REMEMBER, there is more then just the 'official' diplomatic treaties available. I like to start with a simple promise not to attack my ally hopeful (this is called a Non-Aggression Pact or NAP for short). This gets them to realize that you might be trustworthy. But, beware, if you break it - trust issues are known to cross contaminate future games! There are also Defensive Pacts, where each of you promises a defense if the other is attacked. The Offensive Pact, where you each have a goal in a mutual attack against another country. (Both may be a specific (If X attacks you I will help you) or general as you like)

    The important thing is not to assume a relative position with an ally - always communicate with them before, during, and after.

    7. A few other factors to consider.

    Once you have gone through your first game (or perhaps during it) you may find you can't get enough. (Addiction isn't always bad.) It is also highly likely that you meet and play some of the same opponents. This could be both good and bad. Your first consideration should always be, 'this is a game, it should be fun, not personal'.

    Your second consideration should probably be, 'this is game number (?) the situation will be different then game number (?)'. That's right IMHO you can get the most enjoyment from Supremacy1914 if you allow every game to start on a 'clean slate'. Yes player 'dopehead' allied with his neighbor in the other game and took half your country. But, if you immediately attack him in this game, you might just miss that he has a brilliant plan that he wants you to be a part of.

    That being said it also does hold true in the opposite, 'I have done this #x times to that player...'. If you make an alliance with the same player in three games and break it by attacking him in all of them, chances are probably high that he isn't going to ally with you in game #4. In fact, you should probably consider war insurance because he is understandably going to distrust you. He may even have forgot that this is a game and think you are out to get him personally. Of course, odds are that no one will come to your defense in game #4, you have set a pattern that others will surely notice.

    That concludes my bit of advise to you, the new player of Supremacy1914, I hope you enjoy, this is a really great game.


    Admins.- I offer this free of copyright if you want to sticky it, or even post it along side the FAQ and manual on the sidebar (though I wouldn't mind my name attached). Of course, you might just think I overstep myself or that it is non-sense, you are free to delete it in that case.

    I freely admit that I may have missed some salient point, I would be happy to amend or correct it, or be corrected. And I certainly am willing to revise it when the new map arrives if some strategy has changed.

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    We can see that Germany and Greece are star producers of coal, and Germany and Austria have abundant mining resources.
    Germany has one mining province, Stuttgart, it has problems with getting enough iron to develope industry, so it usually wont trade it.

    Most new players neglect the diplomatic/trade aspect and fail.

    I may add that, as a rule of thumb, the captured province needs 1200 tons food, 800 tons material and 800 tons energy to raise its morale quickly. Therefore it has to have a morale about 75% without upgrades (Railroads etc.) to contribute more to the empire than it consumes from its resources. The morale drops 25% if captured, so it should be well planned before conquering a low morale nation!

    I didnt read it out so far, but good guide!

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    "Wohl fühlt´ ich´s längst: Die Menschheit hat nur einen großen Zweck, einen Gott aus sich zugebären; und der Gott, den sie gebiert, wie will er zeigen, daß er´s ist, als dadurch, daß er sich ihr zum ewigen Kampf gegenüberstellt, daß er all die törichten Regungen des Mitleids, des Schauderns vor sich selbst, des Zurückschwindelns vor seiner ungeheuren Aufgabe unterdrückt, daß er sie zu Staub zermalmt, und ihr noch in der Todesstunde den Jubelruf abzwingt?", "Judith" (1840), Friedrich Hebbel (1813-63)

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    Oops, on Germany, ya it was late.

    Good point on the morale drop after conquest, definitely need to mention that.

    Corrected/added.<br><br>Post edited by: Alphared, at: 2008/01/01 19:26

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    Very nice one!

    Some infos about Stockmarket and how the AI players react on invasions etc. could be helpful to.

    Like its unwise to conquer an AI-Province when its surrounded by 3 or even 4 provinces, cause the AI will send units from all those 4 units to defend the attacked one. More wise to attack a province which only has 2 adjacent provinces first e.g.<br><br>Post edited by: Psycho_Napp, at: 2008/03/11 21:17

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    Sure wish I had this first time I played! I soon learned there's not much point in having 20+ provinces if you can't feed them all!
    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!"


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    Strength of Your Army

    This is how you figure out military strength...

    1.These are strengths of military units:
    An infantry regiment (1000 soldiers) have a power of 1
    Battleships have a power of 6
    Rail guns have a power of 3
    Tanks have a power of 3
    Artillery Battery have a power of 1

    Morale effects infantry units (soldiers).

    If you have 100 infantry regiments with 10% morale =
    Power of 10

    If you have 10 infantry regiments with 100% morale=
    power of 10

    Mobilization effects the strength and speed your
    army can have.

    So before waging war think about your army strong enough?

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    Artillery Battery has a power of 1,5 now and a battleship with a morale of 30% sinks very fast, so morale is important even for warmachines, an army group of 100 regiments with 10% morale would win a combat versus 10,000 men with 100% morale.
    nice try silver soldier.
    "Wohl fühlt´ ich´s längst: Die Menschheit hat nur einen großen Zweck, einen Gott aus sich zugebären; und der Gott, den sie gebiert, wie will er zeigen, daß er´s ist, als dadurch, daß er sich ihr zum ewigen Kampf gegenüberstellt, daß er all die törichten Regungen des Mitleids, des Schauderns vor sich selbst, des Zurückschwindelns vor seiner ungeheuren Aufgabe unterdrückt, daß er sie zu Staub zermalmt, und ihr noch in der Todesstunde den Jubelruf abzwingt?", "Judith" (1840), Friedrich Hebbel (1813-63)

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    I never said anything about what would win between 100 infantry regiments with 10% morale and 10 infantry regiments with 100% morale.

    Also if I recall correctly as one of the admins said the strength of the battleship only reflects on it's mobilization. Is zarathustra wrong?...or Mr. L Ravendawing?...Bad girl...

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    Sheik Rahman wrote:
    Strength of Your Army
    If you have 100 infantry regiments with 10% morale =
    Power of 10

    If you have 10 infantry regiments with 100% morale=
    power of 10
    you just say these armies have the same power without mentioning that there are a kind of &quot;HP&quot; also, this confuses newbies and implements this combat would be a stalemate situation.
    And please dont put the admins your words in the mouth, instead search the forum post and quote it.
    "Wohl fühlt´ ich´s längst: Die Menschheit hat nur einen großen Zweck, einen Gott aus sich zugebären; und der Gott, den sie gebiert, wie will er zeigen, daß er´s ist, als dadurch, daß er sich ihr zum ewigen Kampf gegenüberstellt, daß er all die törichten Regungen des Mitleids, des Schauderns vor sich selbst, des Zurückschwindelns vor seiner ungeheuren Aufgabe unterdrückt, daß er sie zu Staub zermalmt, und ihr noch in der Todesstunde den Jubelruf abzwingt?", "Judith" (1840), Friedrich Hebbel (1813-63)

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    Enlightning Man wrote:
    But anyway, as battleships are machines, like artillery, railguns and tank squadrons, their effectivity in battle is not that much influenced by the morale rating.

    In fact, all the factory units have a constant power when fighting or when being attacked. Their morale only has effect, when some infantry regiments join with the battleship (or the like) into one army group as the morale then is the mean value of all these units and infantry regiments are indeed less strong when their morale is low.
    Sorry it was enlightning man...

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