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    havent u ever wanted a ww2 supremacy dds cls cas bbs cvs ss and every thing naval high lvl bombers dive bombers torp bombers every think in ww 2 and america and japan all of russia. non gold for the non gold members pretty much a new game but the same featurse as this with some added ones and in 1942 not 1914 :P

    p.s. post yes or no and why u fell that way
    p.s.s pie is good

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    edit: on the other hand, first I wasn't going to what murderiser suggested, but now I am.

    [size=20px]There will never be a WWII version of this game,
    if you want to play a WWII game, play a game that was made about that era, my suggestions are HoI2, Call of duty, or codename panzer: blitzkrieg, however there are about a milion other possibilities so about a milion reasons not to make this game about WWII but rather make and keep it as a very rare WWI game.[/size]
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    That sounded like the definite end of this discussion. I'll add something anyways :P

    mrx's reaction may look a bit extreme - but different scenarios (especially a WWII one) are suggested on a very regular basis, and its quite tiring to discuss it over and over again.

    Its not impossible that we will release other scenarios of Supremacy in the future. However, a World War II settings is quite unlikely.

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