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    Strategies for Spain (31-Player map)

    Post any of your tips and tricks for playing as Spain on the 31-Player map!

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    I am fairly new at the game, but started with Spain. I immediately went after Portugal in earnest and sent a message of peace to France. Portugal fell pretty easily once I saw my borders were somewhat secure. During the Portugal attack I observed from the Daily European that Morocco attacked West Algeria and continued attacking south. I observed heavy casualties. So when I finished with Portugal I went after Morocco across the Straits of Gibraltar. France was a NPC player after 4 days so that made me feel a little safer. A real French player could have made things different but I did send a peaceful message as I said before.

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    in general its pritty simply either seek an alliance with marocco or west algeria or seek an alliance with france, france is the easiest and best option.
    take portugal (not on african soil) and benefit from the increased food supply. food will generally be solled at higher prices on the market with that money you can buy energy (wich you lack) and still make profit cause energy is generally solded cheap on the market.
    Once you've captured portugal you basically have to see what the players around you are doing, if a player near you becomes inactive then you know your secure, so don't attack that country and attack another country wich gives you more benefit.
    Also spain is a very coastal country and easy to invade , your capital is secure in the middle so don't place any troops there, but you have to have some near it incase somebody invades and in the meanwhile you expand whit your main army.
    To give you a little bit more defence its advised you build fortresses in each coastal region, do this step by step the most important regions first, yes it will cost a lot but its worth it.
    Ow ans don't put to much time in defending and developing Palma, its just not worth it.

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    Really, you have 3 choices: attack Portugal, attack Morocco, or attack France. First things first, go for Portugal. If my memory is correct, Portugal is an NPC player, which should make things easier. Next, either ally with France and conquer North Africa, or ally with Morocco and crush Europe. I chose the latter option, and teamed up with Russia as well to increase my chances. After that, you're pretty much on your own. Attacking Germany for their energy, Great Britain, Belgium, or Italy are all possible at this point. It's best to watch your back, so put a few fortresses along your border with whatever country you're allied with and leave a small border guard (not too big, otherwise it could be taken as aggression) just in case. If you and France/Morocco are sharing your maps, then it will be even harder to launch a sneak attack.

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    You could also leave some scouts on the water to have a warning of a seaborne invasion.

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    I'm playing with spain right now.

    You start with loads of iron, enough grain and fish, and some lumber. You desperately need energy resources - the few coal regions you have are devoted to reducing the insane consumption of oil and gas.

    nearby countries: France has loads of grain and some iron, very little amouts of energy resources are up north. TOTALLY not worth it, a waste of time. Morocco has loads of energy resources and right under him there's an npc country with a double oil region.

    Knowing this, I think there really is only one best strategy: grab Portugal, then attack Morocco. France is 99% worthless. Secure an alliance with France (a SOLID one, you need to have your back covered) and try to be friends with Italy. When in Morocco, make sure East Algeria doesn't try to steal your stuff.

    After grabbing morocco+french africa, take west algeria. By that point you probably have enough income to create the strongest industry early game.

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    I won a game with Spain.

    Attack Portugal first to get the necessary resources, than wait. Build up your army until you reach around 150 units Hopefully Morocco, West Algeria, or France will attack either Belgium or French W. Africa (fairly likely). If you attack France make an Alliance with Morocco. If you attack Morocco, make an alliance with France (if their inactive, it does not matter). After conquering your first country you should be all set. To plow through Africa/Europe.

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    My Tip is attack portugal then wait then invade morocco then once you got over 167 men and 5 artillary then invade france.then whatever you want
    Or make allies france then atttack morocco

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    not really reinzo2000,you have tot ake into acount that france might have done their own conqering. so it's alwasy best to take africa(if youre on 31 player map atleast...) also they oculd have been conqered by a combination of: britain/italy, germany/italy, britain/germany.

    so really aftre portugaland africa,try for middle east.make lv.2-3 fortress on youre border to hide youre troops (leave nice 15-30)

    and then you can just attack france if you didn't make to the 50% yet

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    I were spain, west algeria went war with Morocco, i attacked to west algeria, and saved morocco(he was my ally). Then morocco betrayed me after i pulled all my troops away from algeria. I went back to algeria and revenged to morocco, then libya whot got east algeria attacked me, i attack rear libya and i took his capital and he went in active, and i finished him, now im going to france

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