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    How to increase province morale?

    How can I increase my province morale? and why is my province morale a little lower than the previous day without getting attack or sabotage?

    I have captured a province for more than 2 weeks and have level 5 fortress with around 30k armies in it...after so long, the morale of the province is still below 70% .

    While my ally province which he has just captured less than 8 days have surpass my province morale but with lower fortress level.

    Can anyone help me on this matter? or is it a bug?

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    (move to Q&A.)

    You wait, basically. it will increase or decrease every time the day changes based on a variety of factors, most notably distance from capital and the morale of surrounded provinces.

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    Hi divine,

    please dont post in the FAQ, its read-only there. Iv'e moved the thread to Q&A.

    morale is affected by:

    • Availability of Resources Your citizens need certain goods to be efficient members of their society. Make sure to meet the demands.
    • Distance to the Capital As an absolutist leader you depend on people following your orders. If the distance to the capital increases, the productivity of a province will cease. To rule a larger territory you have to improve its infrastructure by building railroads and harbors. The current distance in days and the shortest path to the capital can be seen by selecting it in the province overview. If you do not have a capital at all, your empire is bound to fall into chaos. By building a capitol the capital of your country can be moved to a new province.
    • Province Upgrades These {ln:Manual Province Upgrades 'upgrades} can increase the productivity of a province directly but will also improve its citizens' morale.
    • War weariness People do not like war - even when fought for a "just cause". Being at war with too many countries may make your citizens loose faith in your success.
    • Neighbor Province Morale A revolutionist mood can spread across province borders, including those of other countries.
    • Enemy armies which are stationed in the province have a negative effect on people's morale.

    Make sure you have all these fine and your morale should rise.

    "But, the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it" -Thucydides

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    Thanks a lot for your help, really appreciate it.

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