Forums rules for Supremacy 1914 ____________May 2011

Scope of Application

These rules apply in the forums of the website of

As these forums are intended to offer a platform for our users to communicate and interact with each other. As such, a polite and respectful behavior is absolutely essential. Treat other users the way you would in turn like to be treated. Please use the following rules and your own common sense as a guide in how to behave in the Supremacy forums.
In order to avoid discussions becoming unnecessarily complicated, please use the corresponding forum language.

1.) General

a. The search function is your friend. Use it as well as the FAQ section of the forum.
b. Ensure that your posts are well structured and relevant. People do not like to read posts full of spelling and grammatical errors. In these cases, the edit function can prove to be very useful.
c. For any subsequent changes, please don’t double-post but use the edit function instead.
d. For private discussion please use the private message function.
e. Discussions about politics, ideology, or similarly explosive issues should be led with care and consideration. Discussions such as that can easily lead to heated debates.
f. Never give out your password! Not even to friends, family, moderators or administrators.
g. Users have to follow instructions from administrators and moderators

2.) What’s not allowed:

a. Insults, threats or disparaging comments about other forum users or the staff.
b. Links and documentation on how to cheat or discussions regarding file sharing tools.
c. Public exposure and criticism of users/players and game numbers during personal conflicts.
d. Advertising for commercial sites.
e. Using more than one account for game and/or forum.
f. Meaningless, nonsensical, non-contextual, rude, or otherwise unnecessary posts.
g. Posting of spam, warez, cheats, CD keys, copyright material etc.; Instigation to spamming, baiting, hunting, etc.
h. Replying to or the quoting of posts that violates the forum rules.
i. Publication of private correspondence between members of the Supremacy 1914 team and forum users.
j. Personal communication among users in the forum.
k. Publication of private information (address, phone number, email address ...).
l. “Birthday threads”
m. Accentuation of thread titles by using special characters.
n. Using colors and/or capital letters to accentuate texts.
o. “Deputy Sheriffs”: This means users who reprimand other users. This is not necessary. That’s what moderators are for.
p. “Vote threads” (in order to push bands, people, guinea pigs ...)
q. Surveys for school, university, or the bowling club.
r. When registering to Supremacy 1914, the user chooses a user name and possibly other user-generated content like avatars, flags, forum signatures, links, posts or images. Choosing user names or generating content containing national socialism (Nazism), racism or glorifications of violence or war. Inciting, insulting, pornographic, vulgar, obscene, or any other illegal elements is prohibited. A violation of this rule entitles Bytro Labs to immediately ban the user.
s. Correcting, editing, or deleting of moderator contributions like “edits”, annotations, or additions made upon users posts.

For further instructions and information, please refer to the ToS of Bytro Labs

(Super) Moderators
Moderators are users who are responsible for enforcing these rules and ensuring a smooth operation of the forums.
They are appointed by the administrators and act on behalf of the operator.
Moreover, they are obliged to follow the instructions given by the administrators and the operator. Hints and requests from (of) moderators must be considered by the users in their decisions.

Administrators are staff members who preside over the moderators to ensure their correct enforcement of the rules. At least two administrators have to supervise the entire forums.
Administrators are appointed by the operator. According to these rules, they are only bound by their own conscience and the Community Manager.

Status of the moderators, actions for infringement of the rules
Moderators have the right and duty to punish any violations of the above rules. This can range from editing or deleting posts, closing or deleting threads right through to the warning and/or ban of a user.
Generally, the following rules are in effect:
A user will be banned from the forums for 72 hours after three warnings. After the sixth warning, he/she will be banned permanently from the forums.
A user account will be banned from the game for 72 hours after three warnings. After the sixth warning, his/her account will be terminated permanently.

Warnings are clearly distinguished as such (not as a reprimand etc.).
They are usually given by email or PM and not in the corresponding threads. Particularly severe violations can result in the imposition of a ban without preceding warnings.
In case of an account termination, the affected user is strictly prohibited from creating another account (risk of evasion). Exceptions are subject to the discretion of the operator/the administrators.

If a user does not agree with the actions of a moderator they can ask them for a statement via PM or email. We are generally willing to explain our actions in private. At the same time, this means that we do not tolerate public discussions about them.

If a Moderator exceeds the authorities granted to them in these rules, a motion can be filed to relieve them of their duties. A corresponding motion with a reasonable explanation has to be filed with an administrator. The assessment of such a motion as well as its enforcement falls to the administrator. If an administrator exceeds the authorities granted to them in these rules, they may be relieved of their duties by the operator. Should there still be the need for clarification afterwards, each user may report his/her complaint to the Community Manager.

Under certain circumstances, we reserve the right to exclude users from the community without a warning. These circumstances include severe violations of the forum rules; discriminating, contemptuous or obscene behaviour; the publication of racist or pornographic content; vulgar or offensive language; the conduct, planning or approval of illegal activities; overstepping the boundaries of good taste; or posting links to websites where any of the above characteristics apply.

In conclusion, we would like to wish all of you a good time in our forums and have fun posting.
You are the community, so please help us to uphold the forums integrity in an exemplary manner.