how so? impossible results straight from battle engine

  • no logic at all

    2 bombers 59% stance attacking 6 infs 70% morale on my turf

    fight result:

    1 bomber 67 % vs 5 infs 62% morale

    so bombers lost 3 hitpoints while infantry lost 1 hitpoint

    7.2 att vs 0.5 def = 29 : 2

    earlier same bombers shrank infs from 8 to 6 without any loss. they have not even lost a single bomber when they attacked stack of 72 infantry an 9 arts ....

    seems like battle engine is tolerating results +/- 3 000 % so the spread is 6 000 %

    is there some kind of hidden mechanic that helps to preserve micro units against much stronger opponents ?

    I saw similar things when 50 arts or BBses shot into single infantry and it still survived in the empty province with 0% morale

    oh tell me why because I cannot even cry

    when I see what bytro engine is doing to me

    la la la

    I believe there was nerf made to plane units and it was not covered in any of updates. Can I ask fo details?



    2 inf vs 2 inf. enemy has 29 % morale. I attack this with 2 planes 70 % morale.

    so it is 2.1 ( 4 hitpoints) vs 0.2?(2 hitpoints). After attack - nothing happens to infantry. They are still alive and well.

    I noticed that since someone did 'upgrades' to a battle engine it is impossible to kill micro units with much stronger units.

    How is it so?

    same thing all over the map. 2 planes are not able to kill single infantry. Bombers dying on less than 10 infantry.

    completely nonlogical battle engine's behavior when it comes to planes while single arty can kill up to 2 units once at the time ...



    fighter 33% vs single infantry 90 % going slowly on your turf. Results

    1st attack - nothing

    2nd attack- nothing

    3rd attack- plane dies

    seriously even on 1/3 fighters is 0.5 airpower vs <0.1 airdefence so more than 5:1

    can someone please explain me why planes are dying like flies and whose idea was to nerf them that way?


    edit 3:

    2 bomber 83% morale vs 9 infs 50% morale

    1 bomber dies and 5 inf dies

    10 att vs 0.45? deff = 22:1

    so lets imagine 200 infantry attacking 9 infantry and in the single round half of attacking forces (100) die while defenders lose 5 guys.....

    this looks like a bug in code saying- take half here and half there to make it square

    1 bomber 6 att vs 4 inf 36% 0.15 def


    attack does nothing to both sides .....

    luckily I killed these 4 infs later

    but when I hit another single infantry

    6 att vs 0.1 deff = 60:1

    that single infantry survived .... at least bomber was not damaged like in other crazy cases

    it is like 60 infantry were attacking 1 infantry ( same morale) and in single round and nothing happeend


    edit 4 :

    more stupidity in the game engine

    bomber 71% morale = 4.2 att vs 2 inf 80% morale = 0.2


    bomber loses 1 hitpoint and drops to 38% , infantry is ok.

    Bomber 100% = 6 att vs 4 infantry 60%= circa 0.27


    bombers looses 1 hitpoint and is 66% , infantry - nothing

    I am not sure how to describe this , because there is lack of words.but it seems that you guys should look into the battle code and fix that as it is for sure thing that makes game very unenjoyable

    how to enjoy a game if having 20 times stronger troops you fail to kill enemy and at the same time lose 20 times more than an enemy in a single round

    does it make sense- not really, especially that you cannot even explain with forts or something else

  • "When stacks of units attack each other, the added damage of one army affects only one unit of the other army. Thus, units will fall one by one. The excess damage per combat tick is applied to the next unit in line."

    this is taken from manual written by a team. can we confirm this is true?

    I got a question- how engine reacts when there is excess dmg applied to single unit beyond any measures and you cannot split it on other units, lower morale of province or destroy buildings with it.

    Is it possible that excess dmg is returned to attacker as an inflicted dmg if it is melee/plane unit , while it is treated as null in case or range units?

    because I have a lot of observations that can confirm that course of action. and if it is true - then code for an excessive dmg should be rewritten.

    having 20 times stronger army ( 2 bombers vs 9 infantry low morale) I anticipate lower losses than enemy, not 20 times bigger as this makes attacking enemy completely pointless.