Quick Historical map

  • As it is becoming boring to play a game without any challenge I decided to show you Ententa Rush made of Cavs and Infantry hitting Central powers hard.

    Plan simple- avoid battle take as much ground as possible before Ottomans and Bulgaria arrive.

    Latter ones help going for the bots.

    Germany sending some troops to denmark and AH hoping for a quick victory in Italy.

    UK hits Belgium and Uncovered Cologne while me and Russia are holding Germans and AH on the borders.

    Algierian troops support Italy which wins battles of Isonzo river.

    German moves north from Strasburg trying to stop british While at the same time my army chases them.

    Russian half empty eastern provinces after AH and Germans move more troops to plug a gap made by british and my french soldiers.

    germans Manage to destroy first british army in Frankfort while I decide not to help Brits and move forward with everything I got and hit germany and AH in the center with the sped marches. Germans take Lodz from Russians while russian overwhelm them and empty AH everywhere.

    I destroy last AH army in Insbruck and set on the long walk to Istanbul.

    Germans with 90 troops hit france where Algerians, recruits and additional division from main army defend in strasburg and nancy 60/40%

    Brits ofc do not help me at all after I left them to hold germans.

    Quick march and game won at the end of day 5...

    beat this:


    Rank from Captain up

  • Now that i have looked at the map,something dawned in me. Everytime I play the historical map,always its the Entente that wins. I have played the historical map several times but I will recount one specific instance where the Entente won.I was Russia. Italy convinced me to invade Lemberg to deny Austria-Hungary the oil produced by the province.I fought the Austro-Hungarians,and then I invaded Germany too. I took the three easternmost provinces of Germany and two or three of Austria-Hungary,before Germany struck with his whole army.Yes,his Whole ARMY. France had massed troops on Nancy and just went inactive,not attacking Germany. As i was being steamrolled by Germany and Austria,Italy was killing Austria and was marching on to Germany(Side note:Britain was useless at that time;they attacked only when they finally got arty). So as Italy was going to capture Berlin,Germany switched capitals to Riga or Minsk,I dont remember,the game was like years ago. Still,in the end the Entente won. Of course, I was left with only 2-3 revolting provinces. Italy was the number one winner,with Britain being second. they both got Goldmarks,but unfortunately I got nothing.

  • it is about disposition of troops

    Entente: france can gather most of troops on the front in 1 day, same with Italy

    you need to move Ottomans and Bulgarians quickly to the front : before brits and russians from Siberia will come

    if you have correct disposition of troops you are fine

    We once won as central powers when I have Bulgaria . Russians left kishiniev empty so I conquered whole russia via Romania

    if you are expert in logistics and rapid movement you can win with both blocks

    but in my opinion there should be some cavs , factories, arts and railways in place. especially railways as they were very important for central powers in moving quickly troops east-west

  • Everytime I play the historical map,always its the Entente that wins

    The entente has the better starting position. like way better. It's a lot harder to win with the central powers. Offcourse not impossible but the map is historical and unbalanced they tried to balance it but also percentual if you start losing with the central powers you lose way more resources/province then the entente does. Meaning it hurts you faster.

  • I think it is because the Central Powers have to fight on two,no,three fronts. The Western Front (against France and Britain),the Italian front (against Italy and maybe some french troops),and the Russian Front (against RUssia,the most powerful Entente member). Also,the Entente members,especially France and Russia,seem to have more provinces and therefore more resources.

  • It all depends on player that play it. Of course is harder for Central Power but can win it. Strategy is the key to victory and coordination. If ally useless you lose been the Entente with advantage from they start.

    I totally agree being in the startblock advantage doesn't mean you'll have an easy time you also need good allies

  • well only UK was a good support as he was fighting with me and it was his bad luck that Germans decided to kill his army first.

    Italy- afk, just defending with my little help.

    Russia- waiting for others to fight, attacked only when he saw me and England will have more points than him, finished third :-)

    Germany and AH focused on the west, while Russia gave them green light. Ottomans and Bulgaria clipped all Balkans loosing some time and troops. In many aspect Central powers were playing much better than we: I left UK to die against Germany, helped just a little bit Italians so they can repulse AH with huge loses while alone focused on using a gap between Germans and Austrians to push for their main provinces and capitals and then further to empty Balkans with army of 80 pp.

    UK did the same to me- he left me to die in Nancy but I prevailed against Germans inside 3 layer fort defense.

    so it looks you need 2 aggressive players on Entente side to win and no cooperation at all , except maybe my small detachment of 20 pp defending Italy.

    So in our camp it was : I want to make more points than others. One thing we agreed was - to take Germany from every direction while blocking AH armies in Italy and Ukraine.

  • Yeah,in my game as Russia,France did not help at all,and Britain only joined in later,after he got arty. At that point though,I was already lost. I had thrown all my troops (Typical Russia) at Germany and AH,and then Germany counterattacked with about 100 troops. However,the Central Powers eventually lost ,with Italy taking much of the provinces and score,and me being left with a few revolting provinces.

  • Yeah

    And Russia can easily deprive AH of all of it's oil by invading Lemberg prematurely. That is actually how I,as Russia,started the war. Italy persuaded me to invade Lemberg,so that AH could not use the oil (in the historical map,Lemberg is a double oil province).

  • you do nto have to do anything as a Russia

    build forts and stand on the borders to block Central armies moving west

    tbh in Entente only UK matters- they have to join a fight ASAP, if it is lead by some kind of amateur sitting on islands- then I do not see to many chances for Entente

    I am trying to figure out which country is the most important for Centrals- and I am guessing it would be Ottomans and how fast they could get to a front line. I once won being Bulgaria and conquering half of Russia but I heavily relied on others. Yep. Ottomans have to be on a frontline ASAP so the central powers have any chance.

    Need to check it after Easter. Anyone wants to play as Centrals? I take Ottomans.

  • Here is the 'power ranking' of the countries in both the factions. I will be ranking the most powerful to the most weakest nation on each faction.


    1- Russia

    2- France




    1- Germany

    2- AH

    3- Ottomans

    4- BUlgaria

    Please note,I am not sure about Entente. Most of my games have been played as AH or Germany,and I have not played as any Entente member except for Russia,yet (and i do not think I can play historical maps anymore;I do not have goldmarks,I am not in High COmmand,and I cannot buy any GOldmarks as I do not receive any pocket money)