Territory count for Dominion type maps

  • When the winning criteria for a map is to hold a certain amount of key territories it would be nice if there was an easy way to see how many individual players where holding.

    I am currently playing a Colonial Uprising map which needs 13 of these territories to win, it is quite hard to count how many everyone has and by the time the countdown starts when someone has all they need it is often too late to do anything. The smaller maps are not so hard but this particular one is too big to easily see them all.

    An extra column on the diplomacy screen showing territories held would be a great addition so everyone can easily see who has what.

  • you can see amount of owned territory by nation in the diplomacy view

    Also the victory points depend on more then just territory. the formula can be found here:

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  • I may not have explain properly. I was referring to the special cities that are required to win.

    For example in the colonial uprising you need to hold 13 of the special oil cities.

    Knowing how many cities a player owns is available as you showed but not the special territories. The requirement to win is to hold the required amount of special cities and nothing else so the ability to quickly check how many each player holds would be useful.

    I am only referring to the Dominion type maps.

  • Ooh like that yes. Yeah that can be rather unclear until somebody gets close to the required amount