⚡ Blitzkrieg is recruiting!

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    In the name of our supreme leader, I am hereby happy to announce the grand opening of Blitzkrieg International recruitment season.

    We are brothers of the glorious Blitzkrieg family.

    Our members come from all around the globe with great activities for active players.

    We have many talented players among our ranks to teach and nurture new and experienced players alike.

    We are open to all kinds of players, be it we have some requirements which are needed to be complied to:

    ⚡ Discord access is a must to be a part of Blitzkrieg

    ⚡ Aa decent amount of activity is required for initiation in discord or maps.

    ⚡ The alliance is open to all age groups but requires a certain amount of maturity from new initiates.

    ⚡ We are a playful alliance at all times and will be happy to get some players with a great sense of humour.

    We have frequent GM-free internal maps and 5v5 alliance battles.

    Feel free to find our discord server over at http://tiny.cc/blitz14


  • Mr.Fleming

    Changed the title of the thread from “Open for initiation with open arms” to “⚡ Blitzkrieg is recruiting!”.
  • how much do you pay for playing for your alliance in games?

    if you are playing top 30 I would be more than happy to help win for a right price

    We are willing to pay you $0

  • As GM cannot be transfered between accounts this remark serves no Purpose. Please do not troll the alliance section of the forum. This thread is reserved for alliances seeking people and people seeking alliance. Offtopic comments can be made elsewhere.