Bag of acceleration of production during protection

  • During the protection of the province if the fort had only 1 hp and the construction of the next full level is underway, the acceleration for 3 hours does not work

    although the coins are removed. That's why I spent about 2,500 coins in this way;(.

    Would be grateful if you compensated them:saint:.

  • fortresses are built in semi levels it can happen that the battle already damage a semi level of the fortress. I don't know exactly but a fortress is at least divided in 2 semi levels so after 12 hours construction of half a level is done, this can from that point onwards be damaged.speeding up the last 3 hours should have given you another half level in that case.

    Regardless when asking for refunds you'll need to send in a support ticket (support link is in my signature below). Preferable with printscreens of the situation before and after. Even though the before is rather impossible to make. But when sending in a ticket the MA can take a look at it, Don't forget to add the game number in your ticket

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