FIx of the Building Queue

  • We have a known problem which hugely influence paid options - HQ.

    People mostly buy HQ because of building queues but they refuse to work if you order things in advance not having enough resources

    this makes your building queue stack in every single town till you adjust them manually

    it is the simplest example of things for which you paid and never received. It is like buying Netflix which is only watching when your neighbors are not watching too.

    Problem is know - when can we expect someone will take care of it?

    I remind- this is a paid future, paid with real money and still not fixed. This should be a top priority, critical bug.

    Thank you


  • The building queue tries to follow the list in the order you created it. Meaning the building you built first has higher priority then the one you added last. Reordering the list changes it's priority settings which means it can start building as it was otherwise waiting for resources for the higher priority building. Are you certain your issue isn't with the priority the buildign list uses rather then not having the resources?

  • I am sure because I talked with SGO Kacper about that.

    If you order queue when you had lack of resources - blocking occurs even though you have resources many hours later.

    In my example i removed from ordering que last building ( not the first one) and everything started to work but I had to do it manually.