Diplomacy options

  • Lately I stomp on people who do not understand diplomacy in supremacy

    they do not Understand that NAP is not cooperation , we just say we do nto fight agaisnt each other till further notice

    they do not undesrtand what is Mutual Defense Pact and if you deny it / reject it you do not have any agreements in place after you broke MDP agreement

    now I could understand that if I am playign against teenagers, but if mature guys are writing nasty reports in newspaper only beacause they have no understandign of dimplomacy it becomes a problem. I am guessign there is more peopel like that. so to the point:

    1. can we have 4 types of diplomatic agreements?

    NAP - it is seen in diplomacy and side cannot attack each other till it is rejected with lets say 24 h peace time.

    ROW- as it is but also with peace time- 24/48 h

    MDP- Mutual defense Pact - nothing happens until one of sides is attacked- then autimatically rest of guys declares war on attacker + you get share maps

    removing MDP- 3 days

    Military Alliance - Share maps all the time, everyone declares war at the same time, 4 days of peace time

    in general this could stop mindles backstabbing and people sitting in agreements with no intention to fulfill their part.

    OFC if you are on offensive alliances and you automatically join war you can also sue for peace after thata but I am guessign it will not be nicely seen by your alliance leader

    2. Would it be possible to have diplomacy for Coalitions?



  • Good luck!

    I generally don't care about backstabbing ppl all did on me die painfully . I mean like that leaving 1 city and bombing every time down army till went AI.Also other agreements it depends on the ppl make them, I always hold on my agreements that I agree.

    Enforcer(Angel of Death)b78//+

  • A MDP sounds like an awful idea. I am sick of defending players who quite frankly are such bad players they deserve to be taken out.

    IMO once you get to shared map you are allied and it is expected you defend where possible but the idea of having the game automatically deciding who you are at war with based on your diplomacy with someone else I would not be happy with at all.

    Far too many times I have trudged across lands to back someone up only to have them give up and go AI leaving me with no more SM, possible stranded planes and a war with someone I have no quarrel with. I much prefer to make my own decision on who I fight and when.

    Not really sure what is wrong with the settings we have now. Personally I have learned not to trust anyone as sooner or later they all back stab and better to trust no-one.

  • the problem with current setting is - they are worth nothing and there is no responsibility for taking diplomatic actions

    with my settings you will thing 5 times before you will sign something as this will force you to do things automatically so you would be much more carefull choosing friends

    peace period should also limit number of newbies and multi looking for a quick win waht is pain when you see ally kamikazzing into you back with whole army

    IMHO current options are usless and mindless, not worth more the time to click them and remove them.