Communication with team members needs improvement

  • Hello

    This is more to Bytro and a team.

    In sucesfull games people know for what have they been warned, banned, punished.

    It happens here that I am banned but I cannot learn from that mistake as having mutiple maps in mutliple MMO games, together with family life and professional life does not allow me to remember everything i have done, wrote or read.

    Can we please help both sides and quote articles/messages so punished user see waht was wrong . Then memorise it and do not do that thing again?

    By banning people without showing evidence you create confusion or anger. Depending on the player.

    If I would write to you mod that you were banned in New World Empires for breaking Terms of Service insulting other player or spoiling his fun time - will you remember what have you written or when?

    Also- make kayako task messages longer because if I am reporting 2-3 bugs and hen someone responds to me without quoting my message I find it almost imposible to remember waht I wrote long time ago. I do nto have kayako to check original message or I cannot check it in Outbox.

    Plz be reasonable and rememebr we are also volunteers and noone pays us for playing it

    and some even pay to make that game running - sponsoring servers,updates and you position in a team ( HQ +GMs)

  • Hello Golden Frieeza,
    I am glad to see that you are eager to learn what was wrong in order to avoid such things to happen in the future.
    In general, we do not discus actions taken against a player publicly. However, from what I can see the support specifically quoted the rule of our terms of service that was violated.

    If you feel that the decision was incorrect and you would like it to be reviewed, you can always contact the next higher ranked member of the support team and ask for a review of the decission. I advice to include the ticket number to speed things up.

    I will close this thread now.

  • Arcorian

    Closed the thread.
  • Dear Golden Frieza,

    If I may add to Arcorian 's message you can find the most up to date list of crew members (For the EN server) here:

    International (English) Server staff roster

    We as International crew try to keep this list as up to date as possible.

    Yours sincerely,

    EN Senior Moderator

    ex - EN Senior Moderator

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