What other games do you play?

  • What other games do you peeps play,if any?

    Right now,I can only play Internet games,as my computer sucks (Even on the lowest settings,my games lag) . However,I still have a bunch of my favourite games on my computer (Which cannot be played without horrible lag). They include:



    -Dragon Ball Xenoverse


    -Universe Sandbox

    -Need for Speed Carbon

    -Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010)

    -Running with Rifles

    -Grid 2 (Never liked it though)

    -Plague Inc

    -Civilisation V

    -Powder Toy (Actually,it is one of the few non-internet based games I can play without lag)

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|

  • - Stellaris all-inlcusive ( i just love event here and whole economy system)

    - Rome TW 2 Gold ( automatic battles with hard level)

    - Atilla TW Gold (same here- battles left to AI)

    - and I need to check out Imperator:Rome form Paradox

    - Emperor:Battle for Dune ( 7 neutral factions which can help you or fight you- that is awesome)

    - Kingmaker and Talisman ( board games)

    and for many many many years

    EAW FOC with thousands of MODs ( I love this interactions between space battles and ground weapons and vice versa)

    I cannot mention any of MMO SG games but there is many good ones too

  • Oh yeah,and I forgot to mention,before my computer started to utterly lag,I also had Need for Speed Most Wanted (both 2005 and 2012 versions),Need for Speed Undercover,and Need for Speed Underground 2.

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|

  • my computer sucks as well.

    I play on this comp:

    Nation States

    Cyber Nation

    Politics and War

    Games I have but cant play at the moment:

    TW Rome with Alexander

    TW Medieval 2 with Kingdoms (Best TW)

    TW Empire

    TW Attila

    Elder Scrolls Morrowind

    Elder Scrolls Oblivion

    Elder Scrolls Skyrim


    All Sim Cities


    Any Tekken

    Red Dead

    Any Sports game (football, hockey, golf are top choices)


    And a bunch of others.

    Board Games:

    Axis & Allies





    I'll basicly play/try any game

    I want:

    Ultimate General


    All TW games

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  • very nice collection.

    I forgot to mention:

    - Dance Star Party on plastation move (Other game on move will also do like Knights , golf and so on). Best game ever for parties. You drink and before going out you start to play. You find most drunk person because he/sehe is always loosing. So you play a game til lthey get their first wins- this means they are getting sober and you are good to go. Dancing is the best for sweating alcohol.

    ps. got 3000 game codes for sale- send me PM what you would like to buy and for how much.

  • Games played last month:


    -League of Legends
    -Company of Heroes 2


    -Rocket League

    -Total War: Rome 2

    -Total War: Shogun 2

    -Europa Universalis 4

    -They are billions

    -Black desert online

    -Battlefield 5

    -Apex Legends

    -Dragon Ball FighterZ



    -Red dead redemption 2


    -Rise of Kingdoms


    Classic games played a lot when I was younger and come back to them from time to time:

    -Age of Empires 3
    -Need for Speed Underground 2


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  • well.. limited time, but if i can spare a little bit I play


    -Civilizatrion V

    - Football manager (even though its the most difficult one to play with out spent hours, or days, just to overcome a single hard opponent.)

    and i want to start over (all) Never winter nights and (all) Balture's Gate games..

    I love thinking and strategy.

  • If you are able to play Civ 5 you have more time than I will ever have for playing

  • I played most of games when I was on studies

    I remember this one students party and over half a liter of spirits of different kinds

    I had such a huge headache i started to play Europa Universalis 2 to forget about it and won my first wars there

  • Supremacy 1914, Supremacy1, Call of War 1942, Conflict of Nations World War 3, and New World Empires. Basically all of Bytro Lab's games. Although, I have not tried Mars Tomorrow.

    I also play Rule the Waves 2. It is a game where you are an admiral of a nations navy. I like it because you can create your own ships in it.

    That is about it.

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  • yep yep

    I lately started to collect all star wars games

    I am finishing them one after another, focusign mostly on strategy games like EAW that has hundreds of mods

    but it is also fun to play SW modes for stellaris,ascedancy and other SF strategy titles.

  • I play following games

    1. FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage
    2. Gears of War
    3. AFL Live
    4. Age of Empires Online
    5. Battlestations: Pacific
    6. Blacklight: Tango Down
    7. Bulletstorm

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