How to stop coalition of 3200 provinces ( out of 5000) from winning a map500

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    We will be closing soon a map~2364182 that in my opinion should be studied by anyone who is interested in strategy, not in cheats or GMs.

    At Apex in day 82nd cuban coalition had 3200 provinces and 1200 poitns closing quickly with morale rising to 1500 points. West Cuba,Oaxaca, Ouduh,North Hungary,Mendoza,Punjab and Delhi almost got a pie. But they lost in the end. Who was on the map saw why they lost. But mainly to using Hnr agaisnt my strategy of Airforce and cavs.

    In general from the begining it was race with time gaisnt West Cuba who was expanding rapidly using strategy of fighter rush. Very efficient strategy if you ask me. Smashed everyone with ease. In newspaper there are comments what peopel think about his strategy.

    Anyway- there was couple of attempts to stop him - all failed because of internal quarells how to do it. I got to speed up my game from Australia and expanded to Asia where I met alliances which instead of supporting effort agaisnt Cuba did everything to help him. That was really odd but we got rid of them while the rest was swallowed by Cuba.

    War continued with Cuban landings stopped on pacific islands and one succeding in China. Huge stacks of 50 units of all kinds were attacking us , Unfortunatelly they did not have infantry meat shielding. so we dispatched them quite quickly,

    After that it was a matter of convincing others that Cuba lost his power in that engagement and is ready for coqnuer. This happened with former cuban llies either lost in war or growing large. In the end It was asia and Australia vs rest of the world but at that point it was much easier as we had much more provinces with my DPS and war that was instigated by rest of the world was their last war.

    In the end we had the biggest clash in supremacy history I guess between my forces and forces of one of my DPSes. 80 mln troops perished in 12 hours in that climatic battle. I wonder if I can put some screenshots of that below as I have permission of my opponent from that battle. This battle also shows some problems with battle engine that arise when attacker is much stronger than an enemy as my casualties rose 10* while enemy was 10* weaker and this was something I was not expecting. With permission of oponent- can I post my pictures nad movies when I will edit them int one Ytube?


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  • With permission of oponent- can I post my pictures nad movies when I will edit them int one Ytube?

    If you have permission of all opponents that are shown in them then feel free to share. To be certain you can request them to send their permission to us or post in this thread that they gave permission that way there can't be a discussion wether they did or did not give permission.

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  • Fighter rush is pretty effective and the most efficient way to conquer provinces quickly in the late game of a 500p map -- if you are against inactive players or AI controlled nations, that is.

    The problem is that if you encounter a player who does the exact same thing, but is more active, then you'll eventually realize that investing 100% of your resources alone on fighter planes was all for nothing because you found a match or better than you.

    You still need the inf units, mechanized units, and a navy to do most of the work IMO..

    Most of the intense battles happen on land, and the most deciding factor who wins on those late game battles is who can pump out the most units a day and who can stay active the most on every battle.

  • I beg to differ

    Person who has units better suited for his gameplay and activity will win

    You can have millions more than me but If I have my favorite troops there is little you can do . Even GMs will not save you if you are below level 3.