[Suggestion] Forum achievement

  • I believe that both Bytro and us would like to have a more active forum community and I also want to believe that they(Bytro) see it as an important tool for communication with and to the community.

    In most games, forums require a different account than the one you already have in-game, that is not a problem per-se, our problem is that we already had a forum-linked account in the past and for those that played before the revamp, can be quite confusing.

    As stated in my last thread, bottom side of threads and reply form there are 2 questions users ask the most when joining the forum:

    - I cant see anything in the link you are providing me, what can I do?
    - I don't know how to register or reply

    I always try to guide the user to the best of my abilities to workaround this issues, but I'd like to do more in less, let me explain and here comes my suggestion:

    When Bytro released CoW for Steam, they added Achievements that gives a little amount of gold in-game, sometimes it'd be 1000 gold, other achievements would be 3000 gold and others it'd even be 5000 gold.

    I'd like to propose an achievement to be as follows:

    Users should ask for 5000 gold OR 7 days of High Command if he/she completes the following:
    -Register in the forum.
    -Write at least 10 messages in the forum threads that comply with its rules.

    The important thing is, we know it can't be done automatically, which would mean a little effort from each MA, however, it'd be the user who, in case he/she wants to get the reward, must send a ticket to support, linking his/her forum account so we can check he indeed registered and wrote at least 10 messages that are within the forum rules.

    That would improve the situation for several reasons:

    - We will see that many will choose High Command over gold and maybe some of them even buy it in the future, which would benefit the company.

    - We would have a boost in the forum activity, it won't last forever, but it will allow us to keep some of those players that joined because of the achievement, active in the forum.

    - We will be able to help users that could have trouble registering, reading or replying to the forum threads, as they will contact us for help in order for them to get their reward.

    While talking about it with NarmerTheLion before previously posting it, a few questions arised:

    - What if they just write in Off Topic, the "spam section"?

    Well, we don't really mind if a user only replies to "Off topic" threads in order to get his reward because the intention is to bring them to the forum so they can see what they've been missing and maybe they'll keep posting.

    It could be really helpful for the newbies as the forum includes not just the Official manual but also many helpful threads and information they can use to improve in the game.

    - How will we track who got this achievement and who didn't?

    While Narmer thought that maybe a medal or a ribbon could be nice, I think we should just make it easier for us and Bytro. I suggested somekind of database but then we remembered that in the whole Policy unification thing, we wanted to keep all data in Kayako, so why don't we just add a note to their user in Kayako when they completed the achievement such as: User claimed forum achievement in 17/06/2019, it won't need much as we already ask them to send the ticket if they want the reward.

    After that the following question arised:

    - Yeah but Kayako notes only last for a year, what we going to do after that?

    To be honest, I don't know the answer to this question yet and I hope maybe you all can help with it. I'd also want to see those achievements CoW has, added to Supremacy, so maybe they do it within a year, but with all this revamp thing, i doubt they'll be able to.

    Let me know what you think of the idea :)


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