Distinct Marker for Armies of Unknown Size

  • It has come to my attention that there does not seem to be a distinct indicator for an army of an unknown size in the latest versions of Supremacy 1914. I write this suggestion to remedy this issue since it may provide an unfair advantage for those who play the Legacy version of the game.

    The Legacy version of Supremacy 1914 has its own unique beauty in how one can strategise against their foes. Enemy armies of Unknown size are given a distinct mark to distinguish them from other armies. It is a simple mark, but this mark plays a significant role for many legacy players. This mark is the simple “?”. As you can see, it clearly denotes the amount of knowledge we have on the opposing army. This would be nothing, but we know that there is something.

    The importance of this mark has been forgotten in the modern supremacy 1914 version. This mark allowed for one to make judgments based on what they knew, and what they didn’t know. Instead there is a silent man standing in the farthest visions of your fog of war. It doesn’t offer the same psychological feel as the “?” did. That “?” stood out, it allowed the fear of the unknown to take root within people. This “?” was the bane of many players existence. When that “?” would begin to move, it made it clear that something was going to happen. The existential dread would set in, and people would not react to the small lifeless man moving, but to the unknown mark. The “?” caused people to react.

    The “?” is an essential aspect of the game. It’s removal in modern versions have given Legacy players an edge over modern players since they feel the psychological torture of the “?”. Please consider having armies of unknown size distinctly marked with the “?”. Thank you for your time.

  • Thank you, Lord Wolve, for your elaborate feedback. The removal of the "?" is actually a bug that will be fixed with the next patch. Please apologize the irritation that might have caused.

    On this day... We have achieved victory! HUZZAH!

    As such I'll close this topic I will archive it ones the patch is online

    ex - EN Senior Moderator

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