Desrepancies in prices

  • In the Mobile version of the game shop, HC for 1 month (31 days) is sold at 480 INR. But in PC version of the shop for 25 days is sold at 250 INR. This is a major discrepancy in prices, and I feel that this must be eliminated, as this doesn't give proper value to the Buyer. BTW 480 INR is a big deal for me. So my request to Bytro is that please equalise the prices in both your shops. I have to stick with Mobile version for payments because I do not have credit card of my own and pay money through my phone bill on Google play.

  • According to what Bytro said when talking about this, mobile prices are higher due to Google taxes.

    You can try other payment options that doesn't need credit/debit card, such as Paysefacard or similar services that are within the options from your country.


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