• As stated in your previous post... Bans are discussed using PM's I have send you the contact information for whitetiger in pm...

    Infraction point given as you have been warned for this before,

    - NarmerTheLion

  • hey mate, reedit your post that way that they cannto ban you for undermining administration decisions or position

    there is no freedoom of speech- you get banned for such a trips in direction of administration

    it has nothing to do how other games work- this game is different and works that way, period

    focus only on getting answer- what names and why are bannable

  • As stated in private message and in your previous post, bans are not discussed on the forum you contact the crew in private either through the PM system or through the general support ticket. In my signature both the support link as the link to the entire crew page is listen.

    As Such

    => Thread closed

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