Alliance Tournament

  • if you do create another tournament please

    make sure you have a list of forbidden bugs so people are not thrown away from a tournament by ad hoc decisions of random folks, without even being warned .

    Such a scandalous behavior occured in the last player's tournament organized by a random folks and I hope someone will ensure organizers are not influencing outcome of maps any more. Especially if they remove from the map only half of people using 'forbidden trick' and support second half in their advance to the next round of the tournament

    Clear and transparent rules, without organizers holding magic book of things that are allowed and not allowed , bending rules as they wish.

    we say no to oportunistic manipulators hiding behind unseen rules!

  • Agreed, very much doubt there will ever be another official tournament or league.. They have simply said it's down to support team to organise.

    no offense but I would preffer BOT to be a judge on my maps in tournaments.

    At least I know everyone gets the same punishment and I do not feel like a victim

    No offense but I think you would find an excuse whenever you lose and would feel the victim ;)

  • Let's keep that discussion where it belongs, which is in the past. Also no offence taken. Idealy you want a fully automated support crew (yes I'd love to be replaced if a bot did my work at least as well) but a bot sadly gets a lot of contexts wrong etc etc, look at the chat censor bot, or the bot that does kick multi accounts and at times accidently missfires.

    While humans are also bound to make mistakes etc etc. The main thing I think is that any sort of tournament placed on the shoulders of any sort of crew can turn into something almost unmanagable, the previous tournament took a lot of effort because some actual vital game mechanics are not implemented. A new tournament either of the alliance or the pvp kind would require a move for additional mechanics by bytro or we will be deemed to see a repeat in the heavy work load.

    So both approaches are not 100% see through a combination of some vital game mechanical options supervised by a crew would be the ideal option.

    of game mechanics I imagen e.g. GM free game mode, limited Share map, etc etc all stuff that needed to be checked manually in the previous attempt resulting in a lot of work and if somebody broke the rules it led to a continuous running behind on the issues or as they say in dutch "Dweilen met de kraan open" (mop with an open water source).

  • i strongly disagree with a lot of this,

    first off let's not forget whose fault is it that there are no official tournaments, or even "additional mechanics" that fits into a competitive field

    second, i've seen from inside how the tournament was managed, there was a lot of work put into it, specially for the manual gold checks and things like that and I know the organizers did their best to have an at least decent tournament, but there've been mistakes that even I wouldn't accept in a future version of it and if those mistakes were to continue, I myself wouldn't participate in the tournament.

    you say that a bot would get a lot of context wrong, while that is true, it doesn't fit well to what happened in this tournament where context took a role, but not the role it should have been

    bugs, exploits or "mechanics there were not thought to be used that way", as i said internally, there's nothing, not in the game rules not in the T&C that specially says that bugs are not allowed and what is considered a bug as bytro won't display their mistakes in public, which from my point of view is another mistake

    you say "look at the chat censor bot, or the bot that does kick multi accounts and at times accidently missfires."

    for me, a chat censor bot, similar to the one we have, applying the rules we have, looks like would suit in a My Little Pony server. and trust me, i've also seen quite a few accidently missfires that were not made by a bot

    and I could go on and on about this matter, but I don't want to extend too much, have a nice evening

  • Sure, keep blaming everyone else. As I have already told you before, if I used bugs the combat would have been very different, but as they aren't allowed, then I don't use them and no one else should either. And the only way to keep your feet off maps watched by "those people" is to leave the game, because they moderate every game.

    I do agree with you that they should make all the bugs/exploits public, then they could simply be considered "mechanics" like S&S is.

    I think this is precisely what should happen.. I don't want bots as mentioned, I think things should simply be clearer and not left for interpretation, support team can make mistakes like anyone else can so it's up to Bytro to make that work easier.

    They can either fix the combat system and you would avoid all these problems, or if they don't want to or can't, simply allow them to be used and discussed (again, same as S&S). So anything that can be done in a game, would be legal, and if there is a bug that is a gamebreaker, then it should be fixed. What they can't ask for is to ban people for things they don't know is not legal and try to cover it up so the rest of players don't know about it.

    So talking about this, is it actually ilegal for me to create a post explaining certain bugs like the combat system bug?

  • Yes nemuritor I know "who's fault it is" but regardless that would mean bytro should have worked to fix those...

    Anyway as stated it is a discussion from the past and my reply had not a lot to do with the past just a little heads up that the people behind it did a great amount of work and fully automating said work is impossible but in some mechanics needed.
    (in short) if you misunderstood my post then I apologize all I tried to say was that to make a second round near succesfull would be to have some mechanics automized and (even though I didn't want to mention it) bugs fixed. I was not part of the organization so merely giving my opinion

    Regardless I feel we are all drifting heavily from the topic which was a potential new tournament. Not to discuss the issues from the passed which have already been discusses way to much. And especially not reviving a feud between multiple users. If you have further questions are remarks on the topic feel free to pm me.

    Sadly Sckopen that is no call I can make that is decided way above my payrate I'd advice trying to contact Ikkeenniem or Alkyonor in private to know the answer.