Leader Name Issue?

  • So I have had this problem before, but I've noticed a different one more recently. I haven't been able to change my leader name in any game, and the game also swapped my previous custom names to my username. I can still change ruler title, picture, and flag, but this is the only one not working. (To go into specifics, I change the name, click save changes, and nothing changes. But if I re-enter the customization screen later, my custom name isn't there.)

    Might just be something on my end, but just wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue. Hope this isn't in the new version.b78//+

  • I can change it but I have a FP game. I have heard of simular bugs so I do think FP shows in the next update it will be fixed but I'll pass it on to higher up to be certain.

    ex - EN Senior Moderator

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