Supremacy 1914 guides

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    I don't play the game anymore but I had some guides written some time ago and people were still reading them. Today I was playing with the settings and changed the domain. Since I am unable to return to the old one you can find them at https://hitchguides1.wordpress…-guide-to-supremacy-1914/ . It doesn't show in search results yet because it takes time to rank. I hope you still find it useful :*

    I hope I posted in the right section 8o

    Have a great game everyone!


  • First time I have seen this Hitchhikers guide to s1914, very nicely explains what many others have attempted to (in part) explain to me ... and really applies and is useful with a little experience...would be so nice if he could give same sort of guide to using planes as he explains HnR with arty units

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  • people who say "sorry for my english" are very likely to explain what they want in a way most English speaking people cannot.

    I loved this short guide and it will be extremely useful. Thanks.

    Alliance: March of the Wolves
    Role: Officer


    Gold Rush (500p): 1 (coalition)
    World in Flames (100p): 1 (coalition)
    Team up (100p): 1
    Supremacy 1914 (31p): 1 (coalition)
    [Tutorial] The Great War (31p) 1 (coalition)

  • I wrote a very similar guide that I give to a newbie or 3 every game. It overlaps this one about 80%. Considering English is not his first language it's crazy how close some of our descriptions are.