Map Editor?

  • I do not think that this will be viable in the near future,but I imagine a 'Map Editor' would be a really good idea.

    To start,you can select one of the maps to edit,such as 31p map.

    The things that can be edited are: Province starting morale,Province buildings,Number of troops in the province. We should also be able to decide which nation gets a particular province. This can be particularly helpful for Roleplay maps. You can also select which province will be the capital of a nation.

    Another thing will be editing how much resources a province produces. There could be a slider from 50% (Lowest level) to 200% (Highest level). 100% resource production is the default production. At around 175% or higher,the province starts being classified as a double resource province,and the resource icon also is changed to the double resource icon.