Info for AI's role in games

  • The in-game manual has decent info for new people and all that, and I guess I'm new to Supremacy 1, somewhat S1914, but I feel like in the Advanced Tab there should be a section that informs the players over AI. Since Call of War and S1914 all adopted Elite AI into the base of the game, that's what I'm assuming is in Supremacy 1, AI can obviously put a trade embargo on players, and ever declare war on them. I just think that having a section about your "Popularity" and the effects of it, how to increase it would be good. I don't think someone randomly seeing 3 AI countries have declared war overnight would be a good sight (without knowing why).

    Also just a side thought I had now, can you still get Right of War with AI? There's lots of neutral roads, but they don't go across the world and all, just a thought.

  • try to trade with AI's

    you mean with the stock market?

    I just think that having a section about your "Popularity" and the effects of it, how to increase it would be good.

    Elite AI was introduced a few years ago since then to this day, no one ever knew the formula it used to calculate popularity.

    A low popularity will make AI embargo you and even attack you.

    A high popularity could make AI give RoW.

    How to increase it? Don't go to war.

    Declaring war will lower the impact it'll have on your popularity, but it'll still make your popularity lower.

    As an example:

    If popularity = 100

    If war non-declared = -50

    If war declared = -10

    If no war declared for 5 days = +10

    That's just an example of how it works, but again, the numbers might be tweaked as no one knows the formula.


    don't give yourselves to brutes

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    Who drill you

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  • Additionally to the factors mentioned above you also gain reptuation by granting higher diplomatic settings (right of way, shared map) to AIs, and you also gain reputation by joining AIs in declaring war on nations that have a low reputation.

    The exact values I cannot tell.