Air Units and How to Use Them?

  • Could someone give me an explanation on how to properly use fighters and bombers? The tutorial round didn't teach me jack diddly about it. Should I use fighters in groups or in sets of 1s and 2s against other fighters? Should I bother using fighters on infantry? How effective are bombers vs battleships? etc. I get that I can learn this stuff through trial and error. But I'd rather not waste my air units and I know other new players want to know this stuff too.

    Thank you.

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    For me personally the air units have always been wonky(bugged 'featured') but I'm fairly sure our Heads of Customer Services are willing to help you out.

    What I do know of them is that bombers are mainly to hit ground units and fighters are mainly to defend against bombers which patrol is for. But there are some border cases and 'features' you can use with them that go in to deep for me to know.

    Usually 1 bomber will win vs a single battleship as naval units defend wit 20% of their strength ground units with 10%

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  • 1. planes - kill everything on sea, including ships. best sea unit ever.

    2. used for scouting forts and grey areas with patrol

    3. used to destroy enemy railroads to hamper enemy movements

    4.patrol protects your units within circle from enemy attacks- meaning enemy units will take dmg first before they will conclude bombing

    5. You can also attack enemy planes directly by targeting their icons on airfield but this works like with melee fight- you kill 20 loosing 1, you can kill 1 losing 20. X factor messes thing up

    6. 50 fighters can take on up to 2 000 infs easily

    7. 50 bombers can take up to 10 000 infs easily

    8. with 50 bombers and 50 fighters I was attacking armies of 25 000 ++ with quite good results

    9. dmg cap for plane stack is always 50

    these are basics

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