• Dear users, Community,

    In the recent months, and especially the last few weeks. I have been at arguments with Bytro. These arguments reached an all-time high recently and we (Arconian, Akiar and myself) decided that there was no room for improvement as the mutual respect and trust are no longer in place. With the lack of the mutual respect and trust, no other conclusion could be drawn then that I am no longer capable to work for this team in the current setup.

    Why do I create this post? I am the person who created a lot of crew posts, as such many people contact me directly with their issues. The posts need to be transfered and will be transfered during the following weeks. I will keep the forum rank of Senior Moderator during this transistion. But I effectively as of yesterday hold no more jurisdiction over the EN crew. If you have questions feel free to contact the EN crew (see link below)

    Since October 2015 I had been Moderator for this community I have done that job with a lot of joy. The EN community is and always has been my favorite community. You guys are the reason I held on this long. I would like to thank you guys for the wonderfull years we've had. I will disappear from Supremacy as a whole soon but I'm certain you guys will hold the fort for many more years.

    Yours sincerely,

  • I am truly sorry that they lost you today, Narmer.

    Hope we'll find each other somewhere else in the future, we had good talks.

    You will for sure be missed.




    don't give yourselves to brutes

    men who despise you

    enslave you

    who regiment your lives

    tell you what to do

    what to think and what to feel!

    Who drill you

    diet you

    treat you like cattle,

    use you as cannon fodder.

    Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men

    machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!


  • I'm sorry to hear this, but I'm not really surprised.. This is a great loss for the community and S1914.

    All good things come to an end. A new generation will stand up to continue the work.

    To all others thanks for the great words!

  • Sorry to hear this Narmer. Though I am not surprised. It was a pleasure dealing with you and hope to see you bouncing around on these boards even after the transition.

    That is doubtfull, I have always loved working for the community as Senior Moderator. I have however grown distantiated from S1914. Moderation was basically the only reason why I kept logging in. A sense of responsibility towards the community. It is no secret I haven't played a competitive match in months and even RPing I have only few times joined.

    Even though I still feel that responsibility towards community and crew. There are reasons why I can no longer continue my work inside it. And at that point you must draw conclusions. I will miss this place and it will be hard to replace it with another goal to achieve. I might show up every ones in a while but that wont last long if I have no commitments left to S1914 or Bytro.