Whats the most embarassing loss your team/the opponent team had in sports?

  • What is the most embarassing loss you have ever witnessed by a team,whether its yours or your opponents,in any ball sport (like football)? I mean,like,a really retarded loss. I will give an example.

    So here at my school,we have interclass football tournament (and handball,for the girls. Football tournament was for boys) tournament every year,for each grade. There are 3 classes in my grade,8A,8B,and 8C (My class). The first match was between 8A and 8B,and 8A won by 5-2. The next was between 8C and 8A,and 8A won again,by 4-2. This meant that 8A was leading in terms of score,and 8C was second,and 8B dead last. THis meant that if 8C even got a tie over 8B,then 8C would go to the final match with 8A. My class fully expected 8C to win. But did it?

    8C lost by 5-0. 3 of those goals were Own goals. Another was shot from the far away,when the keeper was shouting at his teammates. The most retarded one was a free kick. The opponent player was shooting diagonally to the right of the goal,but my teammates made a wall diagonally to the left. And just when they realised that they were facing the wrong direction,the opponent player shot the ball and scored a goal,while the goalkeeper was distracted shouting at my teammates. Also,when the fifth goal went in,two of the best players in the team left the school out of anger,declaring that the match was lost.

    Also,I want to mention that we were actually having a futsal tournament,which is slightly different from actual football. The biggest difference is that there are 6 players on each team playing at a time,instead of 11. This meant that 2 players leaving made a larger difference than if there were 11 players.

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|