• I would love to see a mod that implemented governments

    1) Democracy

    2) Monarchy

    3) Facisim

    4) Communism

    Every region was weighted against these 4 types of government.

    The closer a regions government was to the owning capitols government the faster the moral would increase or decrease.

    Additionally declaring a war with a nation/region with similar government could give a worse moral hit.

    Governements could be assigned randomly at the start of the game or be "historical".

    A few benefits of this approach

    1) Nations would need to RP diplomacy a little more. Just all out waging war on "friendly" goverments and back stabbing allies could have more dire repurcssions.

    For example the regions in and around North America would be Democracy and Canada and England Monarchy. Germany and Italy Facisim, Russia Communisim. The rest of the world would be assigned goverments that made sense for the time or work with play balance. The other way to do it is just randomly assign goverments so there are an equal number randomly spread across the globe.

    Anyway i could type a bunch more about this. But its just a thought.

    A board game named attack!! (I think it was in an expansion) used a similar model that i thought was interesting.

  • Sure, i was just tossing nations governments in as place holders. Could replace facism with constitutional monarchy or oligarcial or parlimentary or what ever would be appropriate. Democracy, Fascism, communism and monarcy and the nations i assigned them to were more as place holders and to give a basic understanding of what i was going for then a fully fleshed out concept.

    Also,did you take this idea from Hoi4?

    #warriorgu Thanks for the comments. This really was just a though experiment and idea. And yes, i realize the political climate of WW1 differed from WW2.

    Perhaps "goverments" is the wrong term and somthing like idiology would suit better. "Nationilism, Communism, Fascisim, Pacifism, Democracy"

    Frankly i dont really think it matters a whole lot about where and what goverments are assigned, as play balance may need to nudge things. Much like the game already does with resources.

    Currently goverment types dont matter at all and people need to "role play" if they want to implement that level of strategic thinking.

    I had to look up Hoi4 to even know what you were talking about. I played Hearts of Iron 1 when it first came out, thinking it would be a good cross between Axis and Allies and Civ. Played a few turns and it was a bit too dense and had too steep of a learning curve for me and i moved on to other things.

    The acorn of this idea stems from an old board game i used to play over a decade ago called "Attack!!" and its first Expansion.

  • I have an idea for 5 government types: Democracy,Monarchy,Communism,Fascism,and Nationalism

    Democracy: One of the starting government types (The other being Monarchy). No perks or disadvantages from this type.

    Monarchy: The other starting government type. Like Democracy,provides no perks or disadvantages to a nation. However,the name of a Monarchy,and the ruler title will be different from Democracy.

    Nationalism: Nations with this government type have a 7.5% bonus to morale. However,the nations popularity is slightly decreased.

    Fascism: Provides a 20% morale bonus. However,popularity is massively low,and AI nations will often declare war out of the blue on such nations.

    Communism: Provides a 15% resource production bonus. However,popularity is very low. Popularity is not as bad as Fascism,but is worse than Nationalism,so Communism is between Nationalism and Fascism in terms of popularity.

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|