Unit requirements

  • It would not a bad thing if the unit description would say what the complete requirements are, like in COW.

    For instance, now you see:

    - in the research pane that Artillery level 2 requires Artillery level 1. That is correct for for the research, but no other info.

    - in the unit production pane you Artillery level 2 requires 'a factory'. That is ofc also correct.

    However, I would not be surprised if that 'a factory' actually is supposed to be a certain level, which doubtlessly is not level 2, as required for Artillery level 1...

    It should not be much trouble to add such information...

  • Hello _Pontus_,

    What information are you refering to actually?

    When selecting a unit in the research tab and scrolling down a bit you'll see additional information like unit costs and production times.

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  • Mr.Dutch: what Cycle said ;)

    Especially beginners (as I am) at this game will, for instance, wrongly invest scarce resources in unit development, only to find out that they can't produce them yet.

    That is a major bummer for a newbie, who is not really here to test this new thingy of Bytro, but is here to find out if he is going to like this game.