Severe Expansion Penalty

  • In the 84p map you have a choice of how you want to expand. You can either

    a) Expand slowly but indefinitely building, upgrading and maintaining propaganda offices

    b) Expand fast but deliberately, only conquering select provinces that give you either victory points or resources

    c) Only expand until the expansion penalty is too severe to expand anymore. This is the point where you can either stop your expansion or transition into a)

    d) Expand quickly and indiscriminately, conquering everything in your path. If you have the units to leave behind low morale won't matter except for resource production and even if you leave the provinces open it won't matter if there are no enemies left for the revolted provinces to bolster.

    e) A mix of the above, depending on the situation

    To sum up, you have many options. What will get you killed is, not considering them.

  • In my honest opinion, there are two reasons that justify the current expansion penalty: a mechanical one and an historical one.

    Mechanical reason: it's intended for the player to consolidate territories (via moving HQ and building/upgrading Propaganda Offices in provinces) taken before continuing expanding. TGW, as a game, will lose the reason for exist if allows players to conquer all the map, without neither support from their allies nor problems. Of course, conquering the whole map is still feasible, but it will have to be step-by-step. Also, I know the enemy may possibly move swiftly to take as many territories as possible, however, if you just take the territories enough to avoid your opponent victory, in the long term you will be able to get the upper hand with a well-prepared army.

    Historical reason: Conquering territories in WWI (especially in the Western Front) are all but motives to enhance morale in the troops. It wasn't only to take a trench: it was also to defend that mile gained against the enemies counterattacks. And that would mean more dead, disappeared or, what worse, wounded, impaired soldiers. So, considering all the horrors of the war, troops were not interested in gaining trenches after bloody battles: they only wanted to go home. Thus, the apparently humongous disproportion of the expansion penalty in the match only looks to portray a simulation of the terrible conditions in the battlefield as realistic as possible.


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