• Hello

    I went for holliday for over a weak

    elite AI took over

    in maps where I have a lot of infantry it looked good. in maps when I went in quality units ( mechs) it went terrible.

    What basically Elite is doing is moving only infs, leaving whole mech units unsupported which my enemies used. I never had such a problems with normal AI, elite AI is just useless in using mech units. I lost 7 mlns and a lot of mechs only because elite AI divides troops into infs and rest. Can I ask someone in bytro to always give me normal AI to control my armies when I am afk as your elite AI basically cost me winning 500 map. I am very not happy with that, to be honest I am furious that such a product is taking control of my troop allowing my armies to be decimated.

    in general I would propose not to replace afk players with elite ai, but with normal AI for 30 days, and if they do not come back- then with elite ai. elite AI does not know how to protect mechs, how to fight with mechs. only thin it is doing is to push infantry everywhere without support which is the worst possible way of fighting.

    Tahnk you

    Golden Buddha

  • yes they should work on that

    and if it is elite AI I would expect it to command mechs too

    I can even give you patent how to create groups with elite AI but this will require some tests in a closed environment to check if we can break elite AI schematics

  • Hey GF,

    AI behaviour will be tweaked in the future. We asked the devs to make it not ''suicidal'' AI when it takes over a player during his absence.

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  • According to game designers the regular AI will also move mech around but it basically will do so alot less. It will move fewer mech around fewer times, given the same conditions. That's the main difference between regular and elite's behavior towards mech, frequency of movement.

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  • well my mechs mostly never moved

    I found town with 400 arts 200 acs 100 tanks and 50 Ht completely devoid of any infantry in a reach of 10 h march

    enemy shelled my border areas, Ai like idiot have sent 6 mlns info to day against hundreds of arts and planes and when i came back my naked mechs were getting destroyed...

  • All of the 500 maps you are playing right now have normal AI enabled. Therefore it was regular AI that moved your troops, and the behaviour of regular AI did not change in years. Therefore I don't see any new issue here. You basically just had bad luck with the normal AI.

    Elite AI is only active in games that were created after the 3rd of September 2019. You can check if your game runs on elite AI by checking player profiles in your match. If a "popularity" value is listed in the profile, it uses Elite AI.

  • great, so hopefully it will look much better for elite AI.

    right now it was terrible to see all central eastern flank gone because AI used whole infantry and left mechs with 0 meatshielding

    does it mean that killing bots and afk players on maps before 3r Sep does not make any sense as they are not elite and they do not give elite points?

  • great, I guess case solved- regular AI is worth 0 on big 500 maps in advanced stages as it does not react properly to enemy attacks and players who want to come back can be wiped out by much smaller force

    I guess someone will write similar article in 180 days about how elite AI behaves in similar situation when player is taking vacation in Carribean.

    Thx freezy

    I guess we can close.