Ranking system

  • I had had hopes for a better ranking system with this new game. Alas, we are stuck with the same.

    Example: I have met player PRXUJ(+something more, but this suffices to find him). Check his stats. He doesn't play the game at all. He is just there and I always hope he stays inactive when he goes. But he always comes back, though our team would be much better off with AI playing his spot.

    I have to asume that:

    - Either this player is a map-troll, just there to annoy other players,


    - he is a multi, who is helping himself through this account.

    Fact is however, that his rank is pretty high!

    Excuse me? Yes, his rank is pretty high for someone he does absolutely NOTHING.

    Really, the ranking system needs to be changed. URGENTLY.

    A suggestion in that respect: use average score per map as an entry barrier. Should be simple enough to program into the entry requirement of a map:

    If ((cumulative score/number of maps joined)>X; Entry allowed; not allowed)

    That could be a sound basis for a new ranking system, to prevent map-trolls attaining a high rank from map farming, while never playing.

    PS: dear Devs, I do not mind the multi accounting. Multies are multies because they are extremely bad players, so, pls refrain from game ruining attempts to stop those few extremely bad 12 yrs old players (like you did try and fail in CoW, but ruined gameplay along the way)