Low hit point units

  • Not worth keeping, send them to die!

    Between the slow heal rate (something like 1/7th to 1/5th per day),

    and the fact that low hit point units continue to consume all resources at full rate,

    there is a severe downside to retaining damaged units.

  • I do not know if I would like to send expensive, important to me units send for death. For me, mechanics makes sense (although the ratio of the dead will be the least clear)

    Including units for several days is a very interesting mechanic. In total, everything will be explained in truth PVP, not fighting bots. Now we have a good pve game :)

  • The daily upkeep averages about 7% of the initial costs.

    To repair a unit from 50 to 90 percent HP takes 11 days, costing 77% of the initial purchase price.

    So you pay 77% to gain 40% HP.

    Sound like a good deal to you?